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Apr 02, 2014 04:04 PM



Michael and Rochelle Padre
Architectural Draftsman
Date granted: February 17, 2014


We have been trying to migrate to Australia before, but there are various processes and documentations that we cannot fully understand so we were not able to pursue it further. We almost gave up hope until we were referred to Respall Migration Australia.

From the very start, we were oriented on how our qualifications are fit for skilled migration and they explained each step of the process in detail so we can fully comprehend what we need to do and how RMA will assist us in gaining our visa. In just less than a year, we were already able to obtain our visas!

We would like to thank the whole RMA staff, Mr. Jose Respall and Ms. Melanie Rovillosfor accommodating us and helping us in every step of our visa application. We are truly grateful to have RMA as our registered migration agent.

Australia Visa Requirements Exclusive 5-step Immigration Pathway

  • Automated 5-Step Australian Visa System - Simpler, Quicker and Hassle Free
  • Customized Visa Processing - Partner, Spouse, Fiancée or Fiancé, De Facto, General Skilled Migration (GSM) Skill Select, Tourist, Child and Contributory Parent Visa
  • Fixed Price Service Contract
  • Easy Installment Payment Schedule
  • Filipino in Australia Support Systems
  • Over 14 Years Australian Visa Experience in the Philippines
  • Successfully Arranged 1000+ Australian Visas for Filipinos
  • Offices Strategically Located in the Philippines and in Australia
  • Member of Migration Alliance
  • Two (2) Registered Migration Agents in the Philippines from Australia
  • Two (2) Justice of the Peace (NSW & QLD)

Welcome to RESPALL Migration Australia (RMA), the Australian immigration specialists in the Philippines.

"I secure Australian Visa Grants for 'valid and genuine migration applications' to Australia from the Philippines, however, managing your emotions when deciding to acquire your Australian visa grant ´is what I do BEST´." By: - Jose A. Respall JP (Qual.) RMAN 9901644 MMA.

As someone who was born and grew up in the Philippines then migrated to Australia in 1969 with my parents and now enjoy an exciting life with my family in Australia, I understand and am clear on how you are felling right now and because I am an immigrant myself am so motivated and determined in turning your dreams of living and working in Australia into a reality.

There are hundreds of Filipinos in Australia who we have helped to make the move and they will tell you it was done professionally and with a minimum of fuss. That is because I have created a unique 5 Step system and methodology with an automated visa pathway which simplifies and speeds up the Australian visa grant application process and I take 'personal responsibility for every applications successful outcome'.

Before you contact my office make sure you download and read the first 4 Chapters of my soon to be released book AVOID THE MIGRATION MINEFIELD "How to Migrate to Australia from the Philippines' and claim the Php 2000.00 peso gift Certificate at the top of this page - it will help you to get started and to experience our Golden Gateway Customer Service ™program as we look forward to meeting you soon and beginning the journey to your new and remarkable life with more career and life opportunities in Australia. Thank you and Mabuhay!

Simpler, Faster, More Value for Money Australian Visa Application

Filipinos wanting to start a new life with more life and career opportunities in Australia are often told the visa application process is risky and expensive with complicated documents with Australian and Philippines government legislation making it a highly stressful and anxious time.

Not with RMA, a Registered Migration Agent with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) (RMA No. 9901644), a Member of Migration Alliance (MMA) and a Justice of the Peace JP (Qual.) in the states of Queensland and New South Wales.

Our exclusive Automated 5-Step Australian Visa Requirement System has transformed the way in which you submit your visa application to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DiBP) in Australia from the Philippines.

Regardless of whether you seek a Fiancée/Fiancé Visa, Spouse Visa or Partner Visa, De Facto Visa, Visitor or TouristVisa, General Skilled Migration (GSM) SkillSelect Visa, a Child Visa or Contributory Parent Visa, we have developed a clear step-by-step system which is easy to understand, undertake, access and complete.

Right from the beginning we explain the process and show you the sequence of events that will be required (you will always know where you are up to). RMA has taken great care to produce all of the required systems, methodologies and documentation in a straightforward, easy-to-understand language. You won't be confused by legal-speak or jargon from us.

Our pre-populated electronic templates and checklists can be easily completed online and emailed to you, which means you can read, add or edit them in the convenience of your own home, without having to go to any of our strategically located offices in Makati City, Philippines and Sydney, Australia every time you have a question.

Not only have we made it easier to lodge your Australian visa application, RMA provides all of this for one fixed price or contract. There are no hidden surprises or additional fees or costs.

You will never be on your own.

Our dedicated team is in constant contact with you via phone, mobile, Viber, Tango, email, Skype, Yahoo, Facebook posts and in-person meetings.

You shouldn't expect anything less from a company with over 14 years' experience with Filipino visa grants from the Philippines to Australia.

You'll Love The Golden Gateway Customer Service™ Difference

From the first time we meet you will be politely guided and respectfully assisted by an outstanding level of customer service which sets us apart from the rest. We "step into your shoes" to fully understand your situation, questions and concerns. We listen carefully and understand your situation and answer all your worries and apprehensions.

Over the past 25 combined years RMA has established a 'gold standard' based on our working ethic and customer service commitment.

Golden Gateway Customer Service ™ includes

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Strict Abidance to Personal and Professional Codes of Conduct
  • Explanation and Presentation of Consumer Guide for our Profession
  • Empathy - "Placing Our Feet In Your Shoes"
  • Respect
  • Accountability - We understand the privilege of being entrusted to act on your behalf
  • Regular Communication
  • Attention to Detail
  • Harmony and Agreement close consultation with clients
  • Applying Best Standards in 'Risk Management' you every ´valid and genuine´ Application we Lodge for Australia from the Philippines

Filipinos in Australia

  • There are more than 183,000 Filipino Australians
  • Estimates of over 184,000 Filipino Australians in 2012 and rising
  • In 2011-2012 some 39,552 Visitor Visas were issued to Filipino nationals
  • People born in the Philippines compromise nearly 6% of the population of the City of Blacktown, located in Sydney NSW
  • Filipinos are the 3rd largest Asian Australian immigrant group
  • 41% live in NSW, 22% live in Victoria and 17% live in Queensland
  • Australia has Filipino identities in the areas of Arts, Sports, Music, Acting, Politics and the Media

Further Reading about Filipino in AustraliaStatistics

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