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You are assisted by not one, but two, agencies to prepare your visa application, lodge it and help with challenges such as temporary accommodation and employment in Australia. RMA is complemented by our Philippines-based agency, Australian Project Services (APS). Both businesses are pro-active and highly ethical. They strictly adhere to the Code of Conduct, Department of Immigration and Citizenship in compliance with the Migration Act of 1958 and amended regulations of 1994 - as well as our own Golden Gateway Customer Service™ which is based on honesty, integrity, respect, "standing in your shoes" to properly understand your application, attention to detail and accountability.

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We knew that we made the right choice


"We have been planning to migrate to Australia even before we started working. Prior to applying for a job 6 years ago, we already had ourselves assessed by a migration agent so that we knew our target requirements in order for us to reach the point quota. After working for 4 years, we decided to start our migration application. I really did not bother doing it on my own as I knew that studying the migration process is very time consuming and labor intensive. I also wanted to minimize the mistakes that we would potentially make during that time, so I opted to go with the best migration agent available.

We knew that we made the right choice when we chose Respall. They were all so professional from the start, most especially Melanie, the agent assigned to us. She coordinate everything perfectly, and all I needed to do was follow her instructions. Everything was so systematic and hassle-free that I all I had to worry about was passing my IELTS. And most of all, they are honest, which is what makes them the top Australian migration agency in the country.

I would highly recommend RMA to those who are planning to migrate Down Under. It only took us a year from the start of application to Visa grant, and we did it without breaking a sweat. Now, we are able to realize our plan of residing in one of the most livable countries in the world."

Marione Samaniego

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Congratulation to our January 2015 Visa Grant applications


Congratulations to all the SkillSelect, Partner, Tourist, Child and Parent Visa Applications that were granted this month. They will be joining their Sweethearts, Family and Friends this year. Would you like to Migrate Permanently this year and joining them as well? Call us at (632) 815-2276 or email us at info@respall.com for a free assessment.