Partner Visa Pathway

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This visa is for Filipinos intending to enter Australia on the basis of their relationship with their Australian partner. This visa i.e. Prospective Marriage (Fiancé) Class TO Subclass 300 allows Filipinos to enter Australia, marry their Australian fiancé within the visa's nine month validity period who must be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.

Once married, the Filipino visa holder can then apply to remain permanently in Australia.

Regarding dependent children or other dependent family members, they may make combined applications provided they meet certain requirements.

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Filipino partner category migration allows for the grant of a visa that permits a) married partners (i.e. Opposite sex spouses) and b) de facto partners (including those in a same-sex relationship) of Australian citizens,Australian permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens to enter and remain permanently in Australia.

Initially, partners who meet the legal criteria for the grant of the visa are granted Temporary Visa Status. Later, a Permanent Visa may be granted following an eligibility period or, if there is a long-standing relationship or children of the relationship, soon after grant of the temporary visa.

Regarding dependent children or other dependent family members, they may make combined applications provided they meet certain requirements.

Partner Class UF Subclass 309 is lodged in the Philippines but more value can be derived if lodged in Australia under Partner Class UK Subclass 820.

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This visa allows Filipino family members of New Zealand citizen (NZ) holder of a TY-444 Special Category Visa (SCV), to enter or remain in Australia with their NZ Citizen partner.

NZ citizens who arrive in Australia and who do not hold a permanent visa are automatically granted an SCV, a temporary visa allowing them to remain in Australia indefinitely.

The NZ Citizen Family Relationship Visa Class UP Subclass 461 visa is for Filipino member of the family unit of the NZ citizen SCV holder.

Unlike the SCV, however, the UP-461 Filipino holder cannot be applied for "on arrival" (that is, in immigration clearance. It can be applied for only outside Australia or if the Filipino family member has already entered Australia holding another class of temporary visa which permits for a further visa application inside of Australia.)

The "rollover" provisions for UP-461 visa do not require Filipino visa UP-461 holders to continue to be a Filipino member of the family unit of the SCV holder in order to successfully apply for a further UP-461 visa.

The NZ citizen (SCV holder) is not required to sponsor, nominate or otherwise give any "support" to this application. Nor is there any assurance of support criterion for this visa, even though the visa leads to very long-term (temporary) residency. Consequently, there are no sponsorship limitations associated with this visa.

The "rollover" provisions for this visa reflect that UP-461 Filipino visa holders do not have to leave Australia if their relationship with the New Zealand citizen SCV holder ceases. It is intended that Filipinos can continue to apply for and be granted subclass 461 visas indefinitely, provided they:

  • Maintain Australian residency

  • Continue to meet standard health and character requirements and

  • Do not become the Filipino member of the family unit of another person other than another NZ citizen SCV holder.