3 General Tips to prepare for your successful SkillSelect Visa Application to Australia

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3 General Tips to prepare for your successful SkillSelect Visa Application to Australia


ACT has announced closure of Subclass 190 State Nomination for offshore applicants. Offshore applicants will need to wait till July 2017 which will include professional Filipino applicants.

Also the following occupations are now closed as the quota was reached for this 2016 financial year:

Human Resource Adviser
Recruitment Consultant
Workplace Relations Adviser

As a background, ACT program reopened on 1 September 2016 and quickly closed due to high demand, this shows the importance of being very prepared to apply for SkillSelect Migration for all of Australia’s State and Territory nominations for the rest of 2016 and the whole of 2017.

This is why all Filipino professionals should make a note of our upcoming Makati City myRMA SkillSelect Assessment Seminar this Nov. 13, 2016.

Below are 3 General-Tips that can assist you prepared for you successful SkillSelect Visa Application from the Philippines to Australia.

Skills Assessment

You would need your skills assessment for all General Skilled Migration Visa applications.

Skills assessments may take from 3 to 4 months to process. You would need to gather evidence of qualifications and work experience. In all cases you would also need to sit for an English test and write project reports such as a CDR for Engineers.

Understanding how to prepare and lodge your skills assessment ahead of time can make a big difference as you will be ready to take advantage of any state nomination opportunities which may arise. Often, these State or Territory opportunities are not available for long and are in high demand from other competing SkillSelect applicants from the Philippines and around the world.

Getting it right from the start is even more important. Incorrectly lodged assessments could affect your eligibility for your best visa options. This will all be cover in both SkillSelect Assessment Seminar for Makati City in No. 2016.

English Language Test

You will need English language result prior to your visa lodgement and in all cases it is required by your particular skills assessment authority.

Be prepared and start English reviews as soon as possible. It is never too early to book for a review class with RESPALL Migration Australia or other online or face to face review tutoring classes.

Better still why not book yourselves into our upcoming myRMA English Evaluation Seminar this Saturday October 22, 2016 and understand the difference between a PTE Academic Test as opposed to an IELTS English examination.

How RESPALL Migration Australia can Help You Be Better Prepared

RESPALL Migration Australia is the leading migration agency in the Philippines when it comes to SkillSelect Visa Applications for Australia. For over 17 years we have successfully assisted 100’s of our clients with successful SkillSelect visa applications.

We have applied for skills assessments from the following skills assessment authorities and we regularly handle skills assessments for the following occupations:

IT Professionals
General Professional Occupations assessed by VETASSESS

If you'd like to know how your prospects of particular SkillSelect Visa Application will unfold then book for an on-line consultation with us ASAP. We will work with you on a sure fire migration strategy for Australia from the Philippines using your current profession and assist in nailing your dream job, career and lifestyle in Australia sooner rather than later.

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October 16, 2016