A book synopsis about “AVOID THE MIGRATION MINEFIELD ‘Safely Migrate to Australian from the Philippines’”

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A book synopsis about “AVOID THE MIGRATION MINEFIELD ‘Safely Migrate to Australian from the Philippines’”


The visa application process to Australia from the Philippines is becoming more confusing and complicated than ever before. It’s compounded by frequent Visa Application Charge (VAC) increases and a raft of stricter policy requirements such as PIC 4020 ‘false and misleading’ issues being applied regularly or being decided behind ‘closed doors’ and at times without proper third party consultation. This is causing financial distress and anxiety amongst Australian sponsors and uncertainty within the Filipino communities throughout Australia and for Filipinos in the Philippines, Middle East, South East and North Asia, the America’s, Europe and those on work visas in Australia that would like to remain or travel and migrate to Australia.

Having lodged hundreds of specialized visa applications to Australia every year Jose can attest to the need of a ‘simple no non-sense / how to book’ for both Filipino applicants and Australian sponsors to understand how devastating it would be for their careers, businesses and especially relationships if they get their visa application lodged in-correctly.

Jose was an immigrant from the Philippine who migrated to Australia in 1969 and is now a dual citizen. He is a Justice of the Peace in the states of Queensland and New South Wales. He has been a registered migration agent since 1999 and ONLY lodges applications to Australia and ONLY for Filipino applicants.

He has developed an exclusive 5 Step e-Australian Visa Application Process which are specialized and customized ‘internal systems and methodologies’ that ensure the visa applications they lodge are both ‘valid and genuine’ which drastically minimizes the risk of an ‘in-valid or not genuine’ visa application lodged to the Department of Immigration in Australia.

Jose was the first migration agent to lodge an on-line electronic General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa application back in 2007, the first migration agent to lodge an on-line electronic SkillSelect visa application in 2012, the first migration agent to lodge an on-line electronic Partner visa application in 2013 and the firs migration agent to lodge an on-line electronic Visitors or Tourist visa application in 2014.

Jose not only strictly abides by the Code of Conduct but they also implemented what they term as the Golden Gateway Customer Service ™ which includes honesty and integrity, strict abidance to personal and professional Codes of Conduct, explanation and presentation of the Consumer Guide for his profession, respect, accountability, regular feedback and communication, attention to detail, harmony and agreement, close consultation with his clients and applying the best professional standards in ‘risk management’ in every valid and genuine visa application he lodges to the department of immigration in Australia from the Philippines.

Many Filipino applications fail to secure a visa grant for a number of reasons which this book will address, namely:-

  • They fail to ‘honestly and accurately’ pre-assess themselves, their personal and or professional circumstances and English language ability against the required criteria for their particular visa category by using assessing tools and systems such as ANSCO and the IELTS Test in their SkillSelect visa application
  • Use out dated information, forms and Visa Application Charge (VAC) amounts in their visa lodgement to the department of immigration to the detriment of their particular visa application
  • They use or engaged unregistered/unscrupulous individuals and or organizations in submitting their application with devastating results financially, physiologically and emotionally
  • Submit ‘false and or misleading information or documents’ to the department of immigration resulting in harsh ‘exclusion periods’ for travel to Australia of 3 to 5 and in more severe cases 10 years
  • Do not understand and comply with the visa conditions imposed on them by the department of immigration once the visa is granted and
  • Do not understand or know what other requirements or stages of the application they still need to process or comply with once they have arrived in Australia.

The 6 key strategies that the Filipino communities around Australia need to understand will be covered in AVOID THE MIGRATION MINEFILED ‘Safely Migrate to Australia from the Philippines’ include:-

  1. Understanding how the Migration Act of 1958 controls every aspect of the application process
    The entire success of any visa application revolves around understanding how the law is designed to ‘managed the visa application processes and flow’ into Australia from the Philippines.
  2. Following Checklists, Systems and Methodologies As each visa application is required to comply with differing conditions, forms and requirements placed on that particular visa so must the applicant use a ‘specific checklist’ to ensure ‘their particular application’ is lodged validly and genuinely?
  3.  Managing the whole application process
    Most of the visa application process requires the applicant ‘to control’ the sequence of events that lead to the correct gathering of evidence, documents, statements and forms in lodging a valid and genuine application.
  4. Avoiding ‘an environment’ that leads to a refused application
    Unfortunately, many Filipinos are tempted to ‘sex up’ an application due to advice from relatives and friends or are ‘willing victims’ of unscrupulous and unregistered individuals that invariably lodge ‘false and or misleading information and documents’ to the department of immigration that are then refused with devastating consequences with lengthy ‘exclusion period’ imposed on the Filipino visa applicant.
  5. How certain visa applications need further requirements and processing once determined
    The book covers other aspects of the visa application process that the department of immigration website or Migration Act does not cover and ultimately leaves the Filipino visa applicants exposed and vulnerable once they arrive in Australia.
  6. Complying with various visa conditions and understanding their consequences
    Once the visa application is granted many Filipinos unwittingly breach their visa conditions as they are too excited about securing their visa and do not pay attention to the visa conditions. The book will address these emotional states that the applicant goes through in the differing stages of their application.

About Jose Respall

Jose is a determined registered migration agent and an immigrant from the Philippines to Australia. He is passionate about ensuring Filipino immigrants migrating successfully to Australia, quickly settle into a satisfying career or a rewarding business that contributes greatly to the Australian economy and society and to have fulfilling and meaningful lives in which these positive experiences may eventually be shared with other Filipinos back in the Philippines.

Jose is known in the Philippines and the Filipino communities around Australia as a migration agent that gets the applications lodged and granted.
Jose has achieved remarkable results from numerous complicated applications and regularly secures visa grants within 24hrs of lodging them ‘on-shore’. His prolific turnover is recognized by third party industry partners such as idp-IELTS- Philippines and respective Assessing Authority’s in Australia.

His clients regularly and willingly provide written Client Testimonials regarding the exceptional and remarkable services that they received during the course of their application and there are hundreds of these posted and added monthly along with Video Testimonials on his website, YouTube Channel and Facebook account.

He is aware for the need of improving his services and knowledge and attends regular marketing and industry workshops and Continual Professional Development (CPD) seminars in the migration profession to ensure he maintains a sound knowledge of the Migration Act of 1958 as Amended in 1994.

Jose believes in advocating strongly for his Filipino applicants to the various Philippine and Australian government agencies and understands that the best way forward for him, his business, his profession and his Filipino applicants is to publish a simple yet comprehensive ‘consumer protection book’ entitled AVOID THE MIGRATION MINEFIELD ‘Safely Migrate to Australia from the Philippines’ that will encompass what Jose has been passionately advocating and working since 1999.


June 04, 2015