Anger Frustration at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

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Anger Frustration at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)


Anger, dismay and delays… so why lodge a visa application to Australia from the Philippines that may end up in ‘new division of the AAT’ in the first place?

Peter Bollard a Migration Law Specialist is confirming a report that appeared in his regular newsletter several weeks ago i.e. “The Australian” published an article on 14 July 2015 headlined “Libs order purge of refugee review body.”

The article states that of 38 MRT/RRT members (whose terms expired on 30 June 2015) only 7 were appointed to the new Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

It also says that “within the surviving ranks of the old MRT-RRT, there is anger and dismay that some of the best performing members, including those who met stringent case-load targets, were jettisoned.”

The article quotes the AAT President Duncan Kerr as saying that “Without sufficient numbers of members being appointed to the new Social Services, Child Support and Migration Review Divisions of the AAT, the work required in those divisions will suffer delayed hearing and backlogs”.

I am sharing this information to highlight the importance of ‘AVOIDING THE MIGRATION MINEFIELD’ to everyone lodging a visa application to Australia from the Philippines.

The fact of the matter is too many Filipino’s are still attempting to lodge visa applications that are ‘riddled with public Interest Criteria 4020’ (False and Misleading information or documents) in them.

This is ‘a sure fire recipe’ for your ‘sponsored permanent residency or even temporary sponsored residency’ visa application for Australia to end up in the Migration Review Divisions of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

It is more important than ever before to ensure that you get ‘professional immigration advice’ regarding your particular visa application for Australia ‘before you lodge it with the department of immigration’.

You need to ‘discuss your application in great detail’ so as to avoid any possibility of the department of immigration refusing your application and you ending up at the AAT where you will more than likely will ‘suffer delayed hearing and backlogs to your plans of working and living in Australia’.

Remember to insist in talking about every aspect of your visa application for Australia from the Philippines with your migration agent’ before you go any further.

If you need any further assistance with your particular visa application for Australia from the Philippines then simply follow this link and provide the information we require… and you can rest assure you will be ‘discussing your visa application with us’sooner rather than later.

July 16, 2015