Annulment in the Philippines

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Annulment in the Philippines


Do you need to be annulled from your marriage in the Philippines before you can migrate to Australia to live with someone there? NO!

Do you need to live together with your Australian partner for up to 12 months before the Australian Government will recognise your relationship? NO!

Surprised?! Most people are.

There is now no legal reason for a married Filipino to have to go through the drawn out (I’m talking about up to 2-3 years) and costly process of trying to annul their marriage in the Philippines before they migrate to Australia to live there with their partner.

Nor is there a legal reason for a Filipino to have to live with their Australian (or New Zealander living in Australia) partner before they can qualify to migrate to Australia as a permanent resident.

Respall Migration Australia has been helping Filipinos migrate permanently to Australia since 1999 and we are always quick to identify changes in migration regulations by the Australian authorities. Their position on annulment and co-habitation has changed.

One of the most-viewed websites on annulment is where previously married Filipinos look for “remedies” which they hope they can use to dissolve their‘dysfunctional marriage’ in the Philippines to free them to be with their Australian partner. It soon becomes obvious that this is a complex and costly process which is not 100% guaranteed.

Stop worrying.

If you are still married in the Philippines and are in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident – or an eligible New Zealand citizen living in Australia – then STOP everything and get in contact with Respall Migration Australia today.

We have the expertise – in our Sydney and Manila offices – to assess you and identify if you can lodge ‘a valid and genuine de facto visa application for Australia from the Philippines or whilst you are still in Australia’. That is, an off-shore UF 309 (de facto visa application in the Philippines) or an on-shore UK 820 (de facto visa application in Australia).

If your assessment at Respall Migration Australia is successful you will be able to apply to migrate permanently to Australia without a) having to file for an annulment in the Philippines and b) not having to have been co-habiting for 12 or 6 months over the last 12 months or before the lodgement of that permanent de facto visa application.

If you are in a genuine de facto relationship and your de facto partner is still married in the Philippines and you want to know how to dispense with a long and costly annulment process in the Philippines and you have little or no co-habitation history…then contact Respall Migration Australia immediately.

We will answer all of your questions and show you the simple, automated 5-Step Partner Visa Application Process which will bring the two of you together much quicker, for good.

We will also show the Filipino visa applicant how you can become eligible for full-time work, full-time study and receiving Medicare.

What are you waiting for? Definitely not an annulment or having to live together first. Start your Free assessment Now!

July 28, 2015