Avoiding An Australia Visa Refusal

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Avoiding An Australia Visa Refusal


Avoiding an Australian visa refusal means avoiding a Tribunal hearing. It's that simple!

My philosophy has always been to lodge a ‘valid and genuine’ visa application to the department of immigration from the Philippines to Australia. That way your application from the onset is smooth sailing.

However, if your visa has already been refused and you are one of those lucky enough to have an Australian sponsor involved in your partner visa application the sponsor then has a right to take the matter to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) up to the 30th of June, 2015.

However, as of the 1st of July 2015 the MRT was dissolved and transferred to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

Here is a useful gateway link for you to use if you would like to apply to review a visa refusal if your application involved a sponsor from Australia.


Directly below is another link that provides a guide to the length of time it takes the AAT to make a decision on certain matters.


I have taken an extract from that link to highlight the standard time taken to make a decision on reviewable applications that has been refused by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Time standards

The Migration and Refugee Division key performance indicator as set out in the 2015-16 Portfolio Budget Papers is to finalize 75% of cases within 12 months of lodgement.

The Migration and Refugee Division time standards for conducting particular review types in 2015-16 are set out below. Note that these standards are under review.

Bridging visa (detention) cases Seven (7) working days from lodgement to decision

Protection visa cases  90 calendar days from receipt of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection documents to decision

Migration visa cancellation cases  150 calendar days from lodgement to decision (and 90 calendar days from constitution to decision)

All other migration cases  350 calendar days from lodgement to decision (and 150 calendar days from constitution to decision)

Reasons why some cases may not be able to be decided within the standards

The division aims to decide at least 75% of cases within these time standards. This recognizes that some cases will be unable to be decided within the standards. For example: A backlog of cases may prevent a standard being met.

More than one hearing may be required.

Hearings may need to be rescheduled for reasons beyond the division’s control.

The applicant may request further time to obtain evidence or make a submission.

New information may become available.

Another body or agency may be required to provide a report or assessment.

Now you can see why when we are contacted by potential clients we carefully scrutinize and accurately assesses their information and evidence provided before we agree to act for them and commence any visa application for Australia from the Philippines.

Our VISION is to see more qualified Filipinos migrate permanently to Australia.

Our PROTOCOLS is to determine which of our clients actually qualify to migrate to Australia from the Philippines.

We have also developed and conducted SKILLSELECT FREE INFROMATION SEMINAR that ensure those that do attend are very aware of the pitfalls that so many Filipino professional fall into and eventually are refused a visa when they do their own SkillSelect visa applications from the Philippines to Australia.

We are constantly scheduling PARTNER VISA CONFERENCE CALLS to many Filipino applicants and their Australian sponsors throughout Australia and in the Philippines every month which ensures that they stay clear of any ‘false or misleading information or documents i.e. PIC 4020 issues. We supplement these conference calls with additional educational videos to ensure they understand the linked and multi-staged partner visa application processes.

Therefore, the 16 team members that support the applicants and sponsors via application’s MISSION is to ensure our clients are better remunerated and fulfill satisfying careers, lifestyles and relationships in Australia.

If you require further information regarding a ‘valid and genuine’ Australian visa application from the Philippines and avoid a visa refusal then start your FREE Assessment NOW! jump onto the links below and provide us some details so we can quickly get you properly assessed so you can make a better decision about nailing that dream job or holding hands with your Australian partner in Australia sooner rather than later. MABUHAY!

August 31, 2015