Breaking the myth of annulment in the philippines

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Breaking the myth of annulment in the philippines


Are you a Filipino who previously got married Philippines?

Are you in a relationship with an Australian (or New Zealander living in Australia) and you would like to move there and be with them permanently?

Here’s the good news…

You no longer necessarily need an annulment in the Philippines in order to lodge a successful de facto visa application to migrate permanently to Australia from the Philippines… or while you are visiting Australia.

That’s right, you read this correctly.

In fact, you ‘don’t even have to live together’ for 12 or even 6 months to lodge a ‘valid and genuine’ de facto visa application for Australia.

The myth about married Filipinos is that they have to seek an annulment. Many of them go to this website…

What are they faced with?

A lot of expense. A lot of complicated paperwork. Having to make contact with the other members of the previous marriage…which is very often a painful and unhealthy situation. Plus, a lot of wasted time.

Why bother going through all the expense and all that wasted time? When,youneed only to understand that you are ‘making an application to migrate to Australia under UF 309 (de facto visa application in the Philippines) or a under a UK 820 (de facto visa application in Australia)’.

In other words, you are not applying to migrate to the Philippines but are rather ‘migrating to Australia and that you need to focus on the requirements of that jurisdiction’ and not the other.

If you are in a genuine de facto relationship and your de facto partner is still married in the Philippines and you want to know how to dispense with a long and costly annulment process in the Philippines and you have little or no co-habitation history…then contact Respall Migration Australia immediately.

We will show you our simple, automated 5-Step Partner Visa Application Process which will bring the two of you together much quicker, for good.

We are focused on the two of you being together every day – to enjoy your new life together. We will show how once the previously married Filipino is in the arms of their Australian partner right here in Australia…we know how to keep them here permanently for the next 7 years after which they can become an Australian citizen.

We will also show how the Filipino applicant can become eligible for full-time work, full-time study and receiving Medicare.

What are you waiting for? Definitely not an annulment or having to live together first… Start your FREE assessment NOW!

July 30, 2015