Contradictory information on Social Media can lead to visa refusals… but failed job interviews, as well.

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Contradictory information on Social Media can lead to visa refusals… but failed job interviews, as well.


The immigration department has turned down a visa application on the basis of conflicting information on the applicant’s Facebook page.

This is but one of the headlines hitting the immigration news in Australia recently, however, RESPALL Migration Australia (RMA) have been advising their professional Filipino clients for many years to ensure that all their social media information about themselves, their family members are an accurate, true and genuine depiction of themselves in their professional and private lives.

Furthermore, to compound the information contained in these social media forums more and more employers in Australia, likewise, turn to Facebook and other social media platforms to further investigate ‘shortlisted’ candidates for ‘sensitive position offered at their companies or businesses’.

RMA maintains that to ensure ‘you lodge  a valid SKILLSELECT visa application for Australia from the Philippines’ professional Filipino applicants ‘must approach their permanent visa application process in a more holistic and comprehensive manner’.

They need to address this and many other aspects of their professional and personal qualification to acquire their maximum points to file an Expression of Interest (EOI) without ‘overreaching their stated points score’, to ensure they acquire an Invitation Letter from the department of immigration that states the points attain are identical or higher than that of their EOI.

This and many other aspects of the SKILLSELECT visa application process are covered during RMA SKILLSELECT INFRMATION SEMINARS or during their 1 on 1 SKILLSELECT ASSESSMENT SESSIONS at their Makati City office or using their On-Line ASSESSMENT PLATFORMS.

For further information or to have yourselves professionally assessed NOW just follow the link and provide the required information to determine if you can lodge a valid SKILLSELECT visa to Australia from the Philippines sooner rather than later.

September 16, 2016