CPD with the Top Migration Lawyer in Australia

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CPD with the Top Migration Lawyer in Australia


I have just completed a CPD – Compulsory Professional Development – with one of the top migration lawyers in Australia. His name in Peter Bollard and he has been very helpful to Respall Migration Australia over the years for the unique and highly complicated visa applications we have lodged from the Philippines to Australia.

CPD with the Top Migration Lawyer in Australia

I attend CPD’s every year as part of my registration with the office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority. This is the authority which governs our industry. They created the Code of Conduct which we adhere to. Being licensed and having a strict Code of Conduct is what protects our clients when they come to us to get their permanent visa application lodged with the Australian authorities.

There are definitely unscrupulous and unregistered people out there masquerading as migration agents and I always tell people before they start make sure the agent is registered with OMARA. The CPD with Peter was very interesting. He presented a workshop in which he emphasised the need to be vigilant of Public Interest Criteria (PIC) 4020 which involves ‘false and misleading’ information or documents lodged to the department.

When breached, PIC4020 has harsh consequences which may involve periods as long as 10 years during which time the applicant may not re-apply. I can’t begin to imagine the strain that would put on a relationship if the two parties were told they couldn’t be together in Australia for that long.

Peter suggested to us that if a client has already lodged a visa application to Australia and they realise a PIC 4020 is likely to cause a visa refusal then they should withdraw the visa application immediately. This way they can address the issue of the PIC 4020 then re-lodge the application again.

April 25, 2015