Filipino Tourists in Australia

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Filipino Tourists in Australia


Are you one of the many Filipinos i.e. 39,402 in the 2013 -2014 financial year, that was issued a tourist visa grant from the Philippines and are currently here and you would like to know ‘more information about your other visa options to live or work in Australia’?

If you are and need more ‘professional advice about what other visa applications you can do whilst you are in Australia’then please contact us by filling in the particular visa links below that you are interested to discuss.
Partner Visa Application
SkillSelect Visa Application

However, if you are in the Philippines and are contemplating on lodging a tourist visa application for Australia then please ensure your application is lodged in a ‘valid’ manner.

Please do the following during the application process before you lodge your Tourist (Visitors) Visa Class FA Subclass 600 application?

Make sure that if you use a Travel Agent in the Philippines that your application is lodged accurately and will not attract the attention of the department of immigration for any ‘false or misleading statements or documents (PIC 4020)’ that may had been lodged on your behalf by the Travel Agent, i.e.

  1. Do not allow them to lodge the application until ‘you have read all the information they have written on the form’ and all the information was accurate.
  2. Do not allow them to write down SINGLE when in fact you are MARRIED.
  3. Do not allow them to write down NO CHILDREN when in fact ‘you do have CHILDREN’.
  4. Do not agree or allow a ‘third person to deposit funds into your personal account’ and then ‘you claim that those funds belong to you’. (‘Show Money’ scam)
  5. Do not allow them to write down that ‘you have funds in the bank account’ when in fact those funds do not belong to you.
  6. Do not allow them to say you are employed when you are not employed and then provide false ‘employment letters’ to your application to the department of immigration.
  7. If you are in a relationship with an Australian, do not allow them to write “friend” in your application form when in fact you are in a genuine relationship with your partner.
  8. Do not allow them to use other person’s identity in securing your passport.
  9. Do not follow any advice to have your birth certificate be registered again through a late registration process if there are incorrect spelling in any of your information.
  10. Do not allow them to provide a Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) showing that you are not married if in fact you are aware that you married (relates to point ii)

These suggestions also apply if you decide to lodge your own Tourist visa application as well.

However, if you require our assistance to lodge a tourist visa application from the Philippines to Australia then just follow this link below and we will ensure you are attended to immediately and your tourist visa will be lodge in a ‘valid’ manner with the following benefits:
• Catch up with family, friends and YOUR LOVED ONE.
• Experience a remarkable service providing the emotions, delights and sights of Australia.
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July 20, 2015