Great Opportunities for Filipino Skilled Workers

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Great Opportunities for Filipino Skilled Workers


In the 12 months to March this year, Australia’s population grew by just 1.35%.

The last time it was that slow was in March 2006, and it sees the end of a nine-year period of very strong population growth.

Compared with most other major advanced economies, Australia has had much greater population growth in the past decade.

While smaller nations such as Luxembourg and Israel have had faster population growth, Australia is well out in front among OECD nations with populations of over 10 million.

And while our birth rate has been quite solid, the main reason for the population growth is that people have wanted to come here to work and live.

Because of the good fortune we have had in the past decade via the mining boom and our ability to avoid experiencing the Great Recession in the manner in which other nations did, Australia has been a place where jobs are available in a way that was not the case in places like the UK.

But in the past year the level of overseas migration has fallen drastically.

While in the 12 months to December 2012 there was a net migrant increase of 237,000 people, in the 12 months to March this year the increase was just 173,000.

There has also been a quite significant drop in the natural increase – i.e. births minus deaths. In the 12 months to March the natural increase was just 142,900, compared with a level of 162,700 observed a couple years ago.

The fall in overseas migrants is mainly from two countries – New Zealand and the UK.

Net migration from India and China has held up, if at a slower level than in the past.

But the numbers coming across the Tasman is at its lowest for 10 years, and the 8,250 who came from the UK represents the lowest level recorded by the ABS.

So, where does this leave the Filipino’s from the Philippines?

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September 26, 2015