Hot Spots Of Demand In Australia For SkillSelect Applicants In 2017

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Hot Spots Of Demand In Australia For SkillSelect Applicants In 2017


Digital & Software Development

DevOps Engineers are in high demand. Given the automation trend, these candidates are needed to create agile production environments. Candidates with multiple skills are in short supply.

UX/UI Designers are needed in response to a customer focus and the adoption or improvement of digital strategies. There is still a heavy focus on responsive design with many opportunities becoming available for specialist UX/UI candidates. The way businesses engage with customers through online channels is evolving and organisations have to be mindful to stay ahead. People working in this space must keep their knowledge current and add value to the wider team.

Demand also remains high for candidates with specialised skills in Java and JavaScript technologies. In particular, we are seeing demand for Full Stack Developers with experience in the latest JavaScript frameworks such as Angular.JS, Node.JS and React.JS. In general, there is more demand from companies for software engineers with a wider toolbox of skills who are capable of developing with technologies linking databases to user friendly JavaScript applications.

Front-end Developers with Angular.JS and React.JS skills are in short supply too and often receive multiple offers. Many professionals working in front-end also work on personal projects in order to upskill, especially if their employer is prescriptive with tools and frameworks.

In .NET there is a huge demand for Full Stack .NET Developers with experience at enterprise level building cloud based scalable applications. Employers are more willing to consider cultural fit and a candidate’s potential over skills to ensure they grow their team with like-minded, forward thinking individuals. For .NET roles, the private sector has more permanent opportunities while the public sector has more temporary and contract assignments.

Demand for Mobile App Developers steadily increased in 2016 as businesses looked to diversify their digital strategy across multiple platforms. We’ve seen a real increase in roles for native Android Developers, but there is a shortage of high quality candidates. Many mobile development teams are made up of senior level developers and above, which presents a challenge for entry-level candidates looking to get into the industry. Consequently many undertake freelance work and personal projects to build their experience and improve their employment prospects.

Scala Developers are needed too in response to demand for functional programmers capable of developing scalable distributed systems.

Intermediate C# Developers are needed, but there is a shortage of technically strong candidates at this mid-level.

PHP Developers are sought for permanent roles, with employers requiring candidates with longevity and solid experience in JavaScript frameworks. With more organisations utilising cloud technologies, candidates with skills with cloud service providers (specifically AWS and to a lesser extent Azure) are sought.

Dynamics CRM Developers are also needed for upgrade and implementation projects.

.Net Web Developers are in demand to build improved user portals and websites to meet Digital Service Standards requirements.

C++ Developers are required to work on legacy system improvements.

iOS Developers are also sought.  As demand increases, top tier Developers are in shorter supply.

Xamarin Developers are another hotspot of activity.Hybrid development isn't as popular as native and is a relatively new concept that is attracting more interest.

When recruiting developers,  employers look for candidates who show drive, dedication and a willingness to learn. Given how quickly technologies change, the best developers have side or personal projects that showcase their development skills in a non-commercial environment since many companies have not yet implemented the technology.

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In our next blog we will cover other topics such as HOTSPOT DEMANDS for the IT profession in Australia.

Thank you and Mabuhay!

January 18, 2017