How much does a Partner Visa Australia Cost in the Philippines?

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How much does a Partner Visa Australia Cost in the Philippines?


Filing a partner visa application is NOT FREE.  An article from an SBS investigation covers more light on this heated topic that affects so many Australian sponsors for partner visa applications from the Philippines to Australia.

The fact of the matter is the federal government and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection is under criticism from the Productivity Commission. This is what it had to say about the federal government’s visa application charge and its impact to the Australian community from a recent SBS report entitled “Dutton’s own department just contradicted him on visa price hikes” on June 10, 2016:

  • The non-refundable application fee in Australia is $6,865 – more than double that of a similar visa in the UK and four times the price of a US partnership visa.
  • It’s true that applicants are eligible for Medicare as soon as they apply and a range of other services after a few years. But – and this is criticalvisa recipients can also work and pay taxes, contributing to government revenue.
  • “Analysis conducted by Access Economics on behalf of the Department in 2008 showed that partner migrants had a positive impact on the Commonwealth budget,” a spokesperson told The Feed.
  • From their very first year, partnership visa recipients give to the country more than they take, according to the department's report.
  • The report shows that the government was effectively making a profit from the partnership visa program, even when visa fees were a fraction of the current price.
  • The most recent price increase was announced as a savings/revenue measure in December 2014 under the Abbott government when Scott Morrison was Immigration Minister. The revenue raised from the fees does not go to the Immigration Department but rather to general government revenue.
  • For a family including two children, the cost of moving to Australia can exceed $25,000 on airfares, lawyer’s fees and additional visa fees for children are taken into account.

There you have it. I can now present to you, as a starting point, 6,865 financial reasons why I recommend you shouldn’t lodge your own partner visa application to Australia from the Philippines at this particular time until we have had the opportunity to discuss it in greater detail. By the way, as stated in that SBS report, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) does not refund visa application charges once paid and your application is refused.

Let’s first have a glimpse at what the current partner visa pathways looks like graphically for an ‘off-shore’ visa application. This way I can explain visa application cost or visa application charge (VAC) for Australia from the Philippines better.

Applying from OUTSIDE of Australia can take two forms of partner visa application process and these flow diagrams below explain them very easily. It all appears nice and neat and straight forward, so let us just go along with it at this stage.

3-Step Permanent Visa

Temporary Visa

Class TO Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage (Fiance) (Temporary)


Temporary Visa

Class UK Subclass 820 (Spouse) (Temporary)


Permanent Visa

Class BS Subclass 801 Partner (Spouse) (Residence)



2-Step Permanent Visa

Temporary Visa

Subclass 309 - Partner (Provisional)


Permanent Visa

Subclass 100 - Partner (Migrant)


Now, here is a couple of NASTYSURPRISES for you to consider for those who decide and insist to apply for the 3-Step ‘off-shore’, i.e. commence the application in the Philippine visa application process, that is (a) lodge a Class TO subclass 300 Prospective Marriage (initially lodged in the Philippines), (b) lodge a Spouse Temporary Class UK subclass 820 (in Australia), then (c) lodge a Spouse Class BS subclass 801 (in Australia).

You see, many unscrupulous and unregistered individuals and organisations in the Philippines won’t tell you how the burdensome 6,865 financial reasons will suddenly become an 8,010 financial nightmare reasons, if you decide to take that visa pathway. Yes, that’s right. You will ‘fork out, from your hard earned dollars’ to the Australian Federal Government an additional $ 1,145.00 dollars and here’s why.

You see, as earlier stated, the initial Visa Application Charge (VAC) is already at $ 6,865.00 once you apply for the initial Class TO subclass 300 Prospective Marriage visa application if you lodged it in the Philippines. However, once your fiancé arrives in Australia and you marry them within the 9 months of the visa being granted, you will need to apply and pay an additional $ 1,145.00 Visa Application Charge for the second stage of that particular visa application process being Spouse Class UK subclass 820 in Australia.

  • The above summary of visa application charges VAC is assuming you have no children involved.

If you do have children, allow for more additional visa application charges VAC for them, depending on their age and number of children joining the Primary Filipino applicant. These additional partner visa costs can best be discussed and explained during our initial partner visa conference call which we conduct regularly for our potential partner visa applications for Australia from the Philippines. As a guide I have included a simple table directly below and appears as Primary Filipino Applicant P/A and Secondary Filipino Applicant S/A.

    P/A S/A > 18 S/A < 18>
Class TO Subclass 300 Prospective Marraige AUD$6,865.00 AUD$3,435.00 AUD$1,720.00
Class BS Subclass 801 Partner - Prospective Marriage AUD1,145.00 AUD$575.00 AUD$285.00

These scheduled partner visa conference calls conducted in the Philippines with the Filipino visa applicant and round Australia with their sponsor, explains in great detail Partner Visa Australia Cost(s) and unlike the partner visa Australia cost, is a FREE Initial Consultation, ensuring you experience a remarkable migration service with RESPALL (Migration) AustraliaRegister NOW and AVIOD THE MIGRATION MINEFIELD Safely Migrate to Australia from the Philippines.

Now, here is the sting at the end of the day, actually by July 1st 2017. As part of the 2017-18 Budget, the Australian Government announced a number of changes to existing Visa Application Charges (VACs) which will affect future Filipino partner visa applications.

As an example, Class TO Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage was $6,865 for the Primary Filipino applicant, $3,435 for any secondary applicant above 18 years of age and $1,720 for any secondary applicant below 18 years of age. This will now jump up to $7,000 for the Primary Filipino visa applicant and $3,505 for any secondary applicant above 18 years of age and $1,755 for any secondary applicant below 18 years.

The ‘immigration landscape is Australia is fluid’ and like many aspect of the partner visa application process to Australia from the Philippines policy and visa application costs or charges VAC changes regularly and you must be on guard with these important aspects because if you lodge a partner visa application to Australia from the Philippines and you paid the incorrect VAC then you may had lodged an invalid partner visa application at the end of all that effort.

May 17, 2017