How to apply a Defacto (partner) visa application to Australia?

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How to apply a Defacto (partner) visa application to Australia?


What documents are needed?

A part of the de facto visa application process to the department of immigration is to register a domestic relationship application in the state of Victoria. You and your partner must complete a domestic relationship registration form. When applying to register a relationship you and your partner need to:

  1. Complete the application in full.
  2. Submit all required proof of identity documents (see the application form for more details).
  3. By mail: Submit certified photocopies of each document with proof of identity.
  4. Methods of payment accepted are EFTPOS, Credit card (No AMEX or Diners Club), Bank Cheque or Money order. Cash is not accepted.
  5. Include the required payment or credit card details.
  6. Ensure your application is signed and witnessed accordingly.

By law, it takes at least 28 calendar days to register a domestic relationship from the date the Registry receives a complete and valid application. Incomplete or invalid applications can take longer to register or may be refused.

Who can register a domestic relationship?

You and your partner can register a domestic relationship if:

  1. you are both 18 years of age or older and are in a registrable relationship
  2. you can prove that one party lives in Victoria for the past 12 months, and
  3. neither of you is:married; orin a relationship that is already registered; or
  4. In another relationship that could be registered in Victoria.

Recognised relationships

If you have already formalised your relationship in one of the prescribed jurisdictions in Australia then your relationship is already deemed to be a registered relationship in Victoria and you do not need to formally register it.

Relationships formalised in other jurisdictions that are not on this list are still considered to be a ‘registered domestic relationship’ under the Relationships Act, if the other jurisdiction’s law provides that the relationship:

  1. must be between two adults who entered into the relationship consensually and are not related by family; and
  2. must not include a person who is already married or in a relationship formally recognised by that law.

To fully understand the whole de facto visa application to Australia from the Philippines process RESPALL Migration Australia utilises a comprehensive pre-checklist that is thoroughly discussed personally with both the Filipino applicant and Australian sponsor during their tele-conference calls or during their 1 on 1 consultations at the their Makati City of  Sydney office.

YouTube videos are also used to explain critical aspects of the de facto visa application process with their clients ensure they experience a remarkable service along the way.

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October 18, 2016