How To Overcome Passport Delays in the Philippines

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How To Overcome Passport Delays in the Philippines


Although assurances of processing Philippine passports, which took two to three months to schedule a passport application appointment online alone would be eradicated, the problem still seems to persist?

Sorting this mess out just appears to be non-existent as recent children born to Australian’s and their parents who are in the process of processing their new or renewal of their Philippines passports are still facing the same challenges and delays as before.

I am now advocating ‘patience’s and additional time to process’your application for Citizenship By Descent, Australian Passport and most importantly the child’s new Philippine passport application.

Australian sponsors are used to getting their Australian passport ‘sorted out quick smart’ but as I will pointed out below this may not be the case in other countries and is certainly posing a challenge in the Philippines.

Claims such as APO Production Unit Inc., the government-owned printing facility, ‘detecting a lucrative scam of fixers who has reserved up to 450 slots for passport applicants which they sell at P5,000.00 each for those in desperate need of travel documents’, being exposed, do little to remedy the ability of APO to dent processing times to secure a Philippine passport.

The best solution when conducting your personal and business affairs in the Philippines is to always give yourself more time than you had anticipated and lower your expectation so if the Philippine passport application process finished ahead of time then it will be a pleasant surprise.

“Managing your emotional when securing your Australian visa grant is what I do best” has always been my position to all my Filipino and Australian clients. Understanding that some aspects of the application maybe delayed is unfortunate but should always be included in your time line when applying for a permanent visa application from the Philippines to Australia.


October 12, 2016