IT Positions and Trends for Filipino SkillSelect Visa Applicants To Consider in 2017

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IT Positions and Trends for Filipino SkillSelect Visa Applicants To Consider in 2017


Below is very interesting research conducted by a Perth employment agency regarding what is expected of individuals that are seeking an IT position in Western Australia.

Filipino SkillSelect applicants should take note of this and develop strategies and look at up-skilling into these activities so that their resume and video resume reflects these trends that Australian employers find so desirable.


In the ACT, NSW, South Australia and for entry-level roles such as Helpdesk, the focus remains on temporary and contract assignments. These assignments are usually tied to specific projects. Having said this, the permanent market is stronger and growing, particularly for senior roles. There is also demand for permanent candidates who can develop teams and train individuals into leadership roles.

In terms of active areas of recruitment, there is a big focus at present on security. We’ve also seen an increase in vacancy activity for System/Infrastructure Engineers with cloud experience(Azure and AWS). DevOps is a growing focus too.

Mobile development is a market that is growing significantly as organisations diversify their digital strategy across multiple platforms. With no limit to the opportunities mobile applications can provide, it’s hard to predict when demand will plateau. It’s safe to say there will be significant growth in 2017 though. This year we’ll also see new dynamics added, such as augmented and virtual reality.

NoSQL databases such as MongoDB are expected to become a lot more popular, with demand for technologies surrounding cloud and big data.

Within digital the talent pool is split; on one side are expert developers who will always have work while on the other are a growing number of entry-level graduates and career-changers who want to be part of the digital boom. As anyone and everyone tries their hand at mobile app development the market may get saturated, however, exceptional candidates will remain in demand.

Strong professionals with good communication skills and local experience are also in short supply. IT is no longer a back office function; organisations want personable and customer focused IT professionals.

Across IT, employers look for candidates who show drive and dedication and a willingness to learn given how quickly technologies change.

As IT teams are consolidated, they’re also increasingly looking for candidates with expertise across more than one area. For example, instead of having a System Engineer and Network Engineer, they look for one candidate who can perform both.

Start-ups and smaller, more nimble organisations are also willing to invest in candidates who offer a broader range of skills rather than specialists in one specific area.

Stakeholder engagement remains important, as does end-to-end project experience. Proven experience process mapping is valued too; many candidates claim to have this expertise but cannot demonstrate it in their interviews.

Employers are requesting developers who possess the drive, passion and intelligence to think outside the box and drive innovation. Analytical problem solvers and intelligent thought leaders who are staying ahead of the curve will certainly be provided with increased job opportunities.

In Western Australia more employers are starting to recruit on a permanent basis,while temporary and contract employees are being made permanent.There is talk of new projects and most companies have suggested they will hire this quarter.

In Western Australia, candidates are still looking to the booming eastern states for exciting opportunities, leaving fewer highly skilled candidates in the Perth market. This is particularly noticeable for Digital and Mobile Developers, skilled SAP BI Developers, Data Scientists, Skilled DevOps candidates and technical BAs with excellent Agile experience.

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Thank you and Mabuhay!

January 17, 2017