Jack went to meet Joan and came back to Australia with her sister.

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Jack went to meet Joan and came back to Australia with her sister.


Now, you may be saying to yourself, ‘hey, wait a minute that sounds so weird?’

Well, it really isn’t and it happens quite a lot. This is not the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last and this is why.

You see Jack was introduced to Joan by a previous client. As you know life is pretty hectic in Australia and it took Jack some time before he could come over to the Philippines to at least meet with Joan and meet with her other family and friends to see if they would get along.

Unfortunately or fortunately… it all depends how you view this… Joan met someone else when she was waiting for Jack to appear and poor old Jack was left high and dry. Or was he?

Before Joan could tell Jack about her current situation she had already introduced Jack to the rest of the family members and that’s where he met Leonida, Joan’s sister.

Anyway as these sensitive situations go, Leonida spent more time with Jack when he was in the Philippines and they realised they were more compatible with each other than Jack was with Joan. They ‘hit it off’ and Jack decided after returning to Australia to invite Leonida back to Australia and see if she would like to meet his family and friends in South Australia and travel around there as well.

We organised a Tourist of Visitors Visa Class FA Subclass 600 for Leonida and she came over to see how life was in Australia. She met Jack’s family and friends and she travelled about with Jack in South Australia. He proposed to her about 2 months into their travels and she accepted and they just recently got married.

As Jack wasn’t ready to apply for a permanent Partner Class UK Subclass 820 visa yet we extended her tourist visa so that Leonida did not have to return to the Philippines and she could stay with Jack whilst they organised the balance of their documents to lodge a valid partner visa application in Australia in the near future.

The real story here is this.

Expect the ‘unexpected’ in the Philippines.

Make sure you lodge a valid and genuine visa applications always and provide accurate details and documents to the department and you should be able to ‘get your relationship off to a good start’.

You never know. You too could be proposing to your future Bride or GROOM in Australia as well and lodge an on-shore spouse visa application just like Leonida and Jack will do shortly.

Start your Free Assessment for you Tourist visa application and we will contact you ASAP and find out more about… how you and your loved one met and how we can get you both together again holding hands in Australia in 60 days.

Thank you and Mabuhay!

September 15, 2015