Love, Lust, Lies and Losers

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Love, Lust, Lies and Losers


Let’s face it, Australians who are thinking about developing relationships with Filipino’s have never had it so good.

I mean, come on. Look at the technology! Look at the prices of airfares! Look at the exchange rate! Look at the life style! Look at the food! Look at the destinations! Look at the company you will be with! The list goes on and on. Truly, you are stepping into the Isle of Smiles!

However, there is a serious ‘down side’ to all of this which I will cover in succeeding blogs.

I have sat down and started putting finger to key board (ha, not so long ago I would had written ‘pento paper’ but look what happened to that expression with today’s technology and not to mention ‘pen pals’). Do you remember when Australians and Filipinos used to send each other letters back in the 70’s and 80’s? Aaahhh, those were the days. When you had more time to get to know the ‘lay of the land’ so to speak.

I’m starting by passing on my many years of experience in this area through a series of blogs but I am also planning on covering it in even more detail in my second book. I am really excited about it because I know it’s going to help a lot more of my fellow Filipino Kababayan and Australia citizens and ummm alright, alright, our Kiwi cousins as well in Australia. It will help all of them to get out of very ‘sticky’ situations.

The first book I wrote: AVOID THE MIGRATION MINEFIELD (Safely Migrate to Australia from the Philippines) has been received well both here in the Philippines and in Australia and all the feedback from is has all been positive and this is what the second book will also achieve.

My blogs will focus on safely dating in the Philippines from Australia and, ahem, along with the Kiwis that live in Australia, leading to the book launch as I want to get this information out there so that not only will you guys and girls find someone you are compatible with but also get a hell of a bang out of your buck when you finally come over to the Philippines to meet up and hopefully travel around these beautiful islands of the Philippines and soak up our traditions and way of life.

Now, you saw it right? Glaring straight at you?

I mean, did you see what I wrote? About finding someone ‘compatible’?

You saw how I avoided the word ‘L O V E’.

There is a reason for this because as soon as you start using the ‘L’ word in your conversation too soon in a relationship it’s like ‘sucking the oxygen out of the room and you start getting suffocated’ and the brain ceases to function and the heart takes over the decision making process.

This is where all the ‘sticky situations begin’. Instead of allowing time to get to know each other and looking at opportunities to ensure you can both see and be with each other ‘outside your own comfort zones’, boom all that ‘clingy, clingy stuff’ happens and you start the process of agreeing to terms and conditions or what is fondly known as ‘plans’ that may not have been what your expectations were when you first started to get to know each other.

I know. I know. I know what you are thinking now. Come on mate, I am 60 years of age and my friend in the Philippines is already 40 years of age. How dare you say these things in your blog? We are very mature and responsible individuals and we can sort this out better than you can. The fact of the matter is ‘you can’t and you won’t’. This is why.

You’re both in an ‘emotional frame or state of mind’. The ‘L’ word has ‘worked its magical fairy dust on both of you’and you are now both heading for a very bumpy ride ‘if you do not wake up from its strong hypnotic power over you’. This is where Love, Lust, Lies and Losers come in.

I will ensure that you both have a ‘mechanism in place’ to counter the powerful ‘L’ word and make sure that you are both using more of your head and less of your heart when contemplating and developing a relationship with each other in the Philippines and in Australia in the early stages. Yes, that’s right. Living and developing your relationship in Australia as well.

I will not only draw from my over 16 years of experience as a registered migration agent in the Philippines and in Australia and the hundreds of applications I have lodged every year but from my own personal experiences.

I know that ‘love is a powerful emotion’. In fact, personally, it is THE most powerful emotion but you have to understand that you need to keep that ‘powerful powder very dry’ at the start, otherwise, when it does ignite you had both better be in a ‘safe and compatible position (relationship)’ by the time it does explode otherwise ‘the impact may send you both into orbits you just do not want to find yourselves in’.

‘Emotional collisions here on planet Earth are just as devastating in your world as are celestial collisions in the universe.’ You will both feel the effects quickly and it may paralyse your plans now and well into the future.

In my next blog I will start with a common scenario on how Australians, New Zealanders in Australia and Filipinos meet up. What are the some valuable tips and guides everyone should be implementing so that you avoid the ‘L’ word at the beginning and set that stage where all concerned can have the best opportunity to really getting to know each other first and have a lot of fun along the way.

Yes, you guessed it. I really ‘LOVE’ the WIN, WIN propositions! Oh crap, there you go; I used that ‘L’ word too early in my blog. The ‘L’ emotion needs to be carefully channelled and accurately directed for it to take you and your relationship to even higher levels of ‘compatibility’. If you get that one message and implement it during your reading of these blogs and the book when it’s launched next year then I have succeeded in assisting those involved in this fascinating and exciting world Australians and Filipinos dating in the Philippines and in Australia.

As I always like to say to everyone when they arrive here, ‘Mabuhay and Welcome to the Philippines’. I can’t wait for the next blog to be posted.

Thank you and Mabuhay!

May 20, 2015