Love, Lust, Lies, Losers Part 2

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Love, Lust, Lies, Losers Part 2


Love, Lust, Lies, Losers Part 2

For those Australians and Filipinos involved in this fascinating and exciting world of dating in the Philippines and in Australia remember the ‘C’ word needs to be used and applied first when you are looking at surfing the net or getting introduced to another human on this planet that may even end up being your ‘life partner’.

Yep! The ‘C’ word. Let’s examine this word and concept carefully before we jump into the ‘let’s hook up now’ stage or even the, hey Iam about to open my computer, laptop, iPad or Tablet first. Actually, just stop and think about it. What is the first thing we normally pick as soon as we wake up these days and stare into for the first 10 minutes, at the very least, every morning?

BINGO! Your SMART Phone. Now, they didn’t coin that phrase so easily. There was a lot of thinking going on in the background when these massive telecommunication giants started to push that concept as a carefully crafted marketing tool. Please don’t think me paranoid. I am an astute student in the science of sales and marketing and other new ways of ‘luring you into a proposition’ and am here to offer you ‘salvation’ as they say in those religious forums all over the world,if you so wish to accept it.

So, what about the ‘C’ word and why is it so important to understand it properly before developing a relationship with a Filipino or an Australian for that matter? Well, let’s break this down even further and find out what are all its meanings and associated words and also what are all its antonyms so we are clear why we need to understand and use it before we even start staring down our SMART Phones first thing in the morning and start communicating with our ‘friend’ in Australia or back in the Philippines.

Did you see that? I mean did you pick up on what I called your new acquaintance? I called them a friend. I suggest you keep it that way for the time being so that you now have time to read the rest of the blogs before my book is released next year. LOL! Let’s now find out what compatible is and isn’t.

Compatible as an adjective has the following similar words such as well-matched, like-minded, well-suited,companionable, friendly, attuned, harmonious, similar in temperament, matching, fitting, similar, harmonising, congruent, consistent, corresponding, go well together, complementary, suitable , in agreement, concurring, of one mind, in accord, on the same wave length, sociable, close, chummy, pleasant, comfortable, pally , co-ordinated, welcoming, approachable, responsive, open, gracious, kindly, outgoing, affable, forthcoming, agreeable, adjusted, familiar, accustomed, in step, use to, in tune, in sync, balanced, appropriate, cordial, amicable, well proportioned, toning, accordant, mature and intimate.

Look at all those positive and extremely important attributes and activities that are so crucial in ensuring that your relationship, that’s right YOUR relationship, gets off on a good strong footing. If it doesn’t then the collateral damageif you do finally fall in ‘L’ and then have a falling-out, as I pointed out in my first blog could have ‘devastating effects on you well into the future’. But if they are ‘your friend and you are both compatible first and foremost’ then you will ‘more than likely talk things through before your relationship would sink to the bottom of a swamp’.

I know this is starting to make sense now for you. It’s starting to dawn on you that if, as my Dad would always say, you ‘act in haste’ you will more than likely ‘repent at leisure’. Rush your relationship and fall hopelessly in ‘L’ with someone and I can almost guarantee you ‘you’re going to bust up bigtime’ and ‘you’re going to regret even starting it, bigtime’.

I would like to urge you again to read that paragraph regarding what other adjective words are used to describe ‘compatible’.I am sure that there are more and you can keep adding to this list. Get that part or your ‘search protocols or procedures right’ and it’s going to be ‘Happy, Happy Days for you. You will be smiling and waving, just smiling and waving until you find the RIGHT ONE.’

Let’s discuss the antonyms of compatible and see what they are in the next blog and what are the implications or effects of suddenly realising that the person you have been hanging around with all this time was actually ‘incompatible’. Oh, boy, this is going to be very interesting indeed.

Until then ‘Mabuhay and welcome to Love, Lust, Lies and Losers. Safely Date in the Philippines from Australia’. Hang on why couldn’t it be ‘Safely Date in Australia from the Philippines’ or like I said above like a SMART Phone why not ‘SMART Dating in Australia and the Philippines’. It can, you know.

May 26, 2015