Love, Lust, Lies, Losers Part 3

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Love, Lust, Lies, Losers Part 3


‘SMART Dating by Australians in the Philippines’. It can be like that, you know. As long as we have a great deal of respect and appreciation of what the ‘C’ word really means and where it can take you in your early stages of your relationship whether you’re the Filipino or Australian involved.

Okay, now in this blog I want to concentrate on the ‘incompatible’ outcomes of relationships and what other words or activities are associated when the Filipino and Australian aren’t compatible? Why is this so important, because I want you to read the negative consequences for YOU and your short life on this planet? I will also be dealing with a Birth and Death Time Line later on so this will really ‘shack your world’ and make you think more deeply about you short life on this planet. So don’t waste it. Time, that is.

Now talking about planets it may be a good idea if you get a chance to watch a movie called JUPITER ASCENDING. Am asking you to watch it not because it’s the best movie I have ever watched but the concept of time and how precious it really is and ‘finding a compatible partner’. In this movie the concept of time is ‘all consuming’. That was a hint by the way. So, if you agree with the movies entire theme then you had better get cracking and investigate the consequences of wasting time by not understanding the ‘C’ word properly and its advantages when establishing your relationship with each other in the early stages.

Incompatible as an adjective have the follow negative similar words and connotations such as but not limited to the following namely mismatched, unsuited, discordant, dissenting, irreconcilable, ill-assorted, unable to get along, unable to coexist, contrary, conflicting, opposing, clashing, contradictory, antagonistic, divergent, rival, hostile, harsh, adverse, unwelcoming, cold, frosty, unhospitable, unpleasant, standoffish, unfavourable, tough, conflicting, disparate, differing , reverse, far, furthest, farthest, dissimilar, different, poles apart, not the same, like chalk and cheese, unusual, something else, out of the ordinary, spate, diverse, many, miscellaneous, aggressive, unfriendly, unsympathetic, antagonistic, intimidating argumentative and not alike.

Let’s face it. It would be a pretty tough ask for anyone to get involved with another person when they are ‘not alike’ or ‘not the same’ or worst of all ‘mismatched’. I mean even when it comes to basic conversations when you first start getting to know each other like ‘hey, do you like classical music and they respond by saying… na not really, am more into me heavy metal meselfmate’. (Intentional bad grammar and a misspelling in that last sentence)

Now, am not saying there is anything wrong with ‘classical music’ but hey, Red Hot Chilli Peppers … come on, they are awesome. LoL! (I have been immersed with the latest heavy rock/metal music, video games, YouTube videos, movies, current affairs, etc. you name it, courtesy of my 22 year old son who plays lead guitar, regularly jams with his friends, is involved in amateur boxing at his local PCYC and at University, studies Commerce/International Studies and eventually will finish it with a Law degree… one day.) But, I also ‘L’ my classical music at the same time.

So, I make an effort ‘to be compatible’ with my son as an example. Doing so keeps us both talking about many and varied topics and we get along, generally.LoL! He also knows I ‘L’ him to death and this is why I give him lots of space and distance as he grows and educates himself as well and‘I do not suffocate him’. I allow him to get belted around the boxing ring (actually he does the majority of the belting in the ring these days. It’s amazing how quickly he picked up the art of boxing… yes, it is a sport you can take up and improve on but you need to be very focused if you want to take it to a higher level) when he was younger but now as an adult I leave him to make up those decisions himself. I keep a compatible level of communication with him so that I can stay in a relationship and we talk things through that we have differing views on and I can assure you there are mony of those conversations as well.

So the tip in this blog I suppose is that you need to ‘practice being compatible’, yourself. You need to understand that being compatible with others will need effort on your part as well. There is a famous saying that went along these lines ‘First you must understand, to be understood’. You need to understand the principles of compatibility and its positive effects in any relationship. You need to harness it and use it effectively to find a life partner of your own if you don’t have one now. You need to drop your inhibitions and start being smarter than you were before and find and develop a relationship with someone you are compatible with first and foremost and allow the ‘L’ word to develop later on.

The most successful relationships I have seen are those that are compatible at the very beginning. When I hear that ‘opposites attack’, I stop, look up and roll my eyes back and realise that although that may be true in very few cases eventually their relationship will strain and break up unless they eventually try and ‘find common ground’. Hey, those words should be added to my additional list of adjective words for compatible.

That fact is, when you read that paragraph again about being ‘incompatible’ you know your back is up against the wall and you need to stay away from those scenarios and situation. Best to part company immediately and move on to find that someone that is compatible and the way to do this will be covered in the succeeding blogs. If you really want ‘to find a life partner’ then make sure your compatibility factors or interests are much higher otherwise I can assure you it will be a short and fiery episode no matter how much effort you apply to it.

May 27, 2015