No Annulment Required Under De Facto Visa Pathway

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No Annulment Required Under De Facto Visa Pathway


Many Australian sponsors and Filipino applicants for de facto visa applications to Australia are confused by the requirements when making a valid and genuine de facto visa application or what Respall Migration Australia would prefer, to organize, a de facto visa application, in Australia.

“You do not need to be annulled in the Philippines for these types of applications to be successful, contrary to many publications or comments from individuals or other organizations,”

Respall Migration Australia has been lodging hundreds of successful applications every year for their Filipino and Australian clients and they have been successful in securing particularly complicated de facto visa applications some involving multiple children without securing an annulment from the Philippines or even lodging the application in the Philippines.

“The confusion revolves around commentary by lazy, unqualified, misinformed individuals and organizations in the Philippines that just can’t get their jurisdictional authority in the visa application processing clear. They seem to be stuck in the last ice age and don’t have the resources, understanding or care about how many possible de facto visa applicants can avoid lodging it in the Philippines, in the first place”

This is not surprising as the Migration Act of 1958 as amended in 1994 can be confusing and convoluted and mix this with ‘commentary from local Philippine misconceptions of the de facto visa application process’ and a majority of Filipino applicants and Australian sponsors ‘miss the boat completely and fail to understand that they can already be living together, developing and creating the perfect scenario to lodge a successful de facto visa application in Australia rather than in the Philippines’.

The key to this successful formula is ‘to sit down with a qualified and highly experiences migration agent who patiently and thoroughly discusses the particular de facto strategy in great detail with the Filipino applicant and their Australian sponsor and customizes the valid and genuine de facto visa application in Australia rather than in the Philippines’.

“Lodging particular de facto and for that matter spouse visa applications in the Philippines is a thing of the past and if anyone insists on doing so, in this day and age, is obviously ‘out of touch’ with the partner visa application program

“If Filipino applicants and their Australian sponsors insist on listening or believing these outdated and thoroughly unacceptable de facto or even spouse visa application assistance then they just miss out on many benefits, such as MEDICARE cover, full-time work and study rights whilst they are both living and loving each other in Australia rather than being apart and alone in the Philippines”

I suggests to stop and realize that RESPALL Migration Australia have professionally trained and experienced staff, 14 of them, the resources and knowledge of both Philippine and Australian de facto visa application processing requirements and a dedication to provide a remarkable service that have secured complicated de facto partner visa applications in the past 17 years by ‘simply and calmly sitting down and personally discussing at the very beginning, what maybe, the most important visa application for you and your loved one.

If you are serious about lodging a valid and genuine de facto visa application then consider lodging it in Australia rather than the Philippines even if your current de facto partner is still married in the Philippines. Just follow this link, provide the required detail and experience the remarkable personal service you get when you avail of the De Facto Visa Application Process.


October 28, 2016