One mistake could delay your application for up to 8 months or worse... Refused!

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One mistake could delay your application for up to 8 months or worse... Refused!


An email received today that explains their situation which went like this and is typical of how easy it is to make a mistake when lodging your own SkillSelect visa application for Australia.

Good Day Mr. Jose,

Hi po, hope you are doing well.

I was referred to you by my cousin XxxxXxxxxxx, a.k.a Xxxxxxx with regard to your Migration Services.

I would just like to ask po if you will cater my case and also about the price if it's okay.

My name is XxxxxXxxxxXxxx, 26 years old, AHPRA registered nurse, Filipina and currently staying in XxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxx NSW.

I presently hold Business Visitor Visa subclass 600 and will expire this 23 of November.

I lodged my Independent Skilled Visa (Point Tested) (subclass 189) application last October this year with 65 points claimed on my EOI.

Last Friday, I received an email from the case officer asking for more document to prove my claim in Australian Study Requirement. It was then I found out the mistake I made.

  • I thought that the bridging course I took was sufficient enough for such claim but unfortunately it was not.

I sent an apology letter for that error and still awaiting for the case officer's decision.

Right now po I really don't know what's my next move and I hope I could seek your help.

  • A bridging visa (class wa) was granted to me while waiting for the decision of my visa application.

Hope to hear from you soon po.

Warm Regards,



The issue this particular individual will face is the following as outlined in PAM3:

“If an intending migrant has been issued an invitation to apply for a visa and discovers inaccuracies in the claims made in their EOI, they should allow the 60 day invitation validity period to elapse. Once the invitation has expired and the EOI has been returned to submitted status the intending migrant should then amend their EOI to accurately reflect their claims.”

This delay ‘could had been all side-stepped’ had they been accurately assessed before they commenced their SkillSelect visa application.

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Thank you and MABUHAY!

November 21, 2017