Partner Visa Interviews At Overseas Posts & Australian Passenger Cards!

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Partner Visa Interviews At Overseas Posts & Australian Passenger Cards!


Australian partner visa interviews at Overseas Posts & Australian Passenger Cards… answer them truthfully please or else.

A new tactic

Recently one of our migration colleagues clients attended an interview at an overseas post in respect of an application for a Class UF Subclass 309 (Spouse) visa and during the interview the Departmental officer asked  her to hand over her mobile phone-which she did.

The officer then selected two contacts from the list on the phone and rang them to ask if they were aware of her marriage.   

Australian Passenger Cards

I need to share this with my Kababayan and fellow Australians.

Carefully read this if you are in a relationship with an Australian or Filipino and are travelling to Australia please.

Passenger cards play an important part in the migration process but many Filipino visa applicants do not know this.  

There are two types:

Incoming Passenger Card   

Outgoing Passenger Card     

Under Section 102 the Migration Act requires that passenger cards be filled out in full and correctly:   

Failure to comply with this provision provides grounds for visa cancellation.

Where case departmental officers are suspicious about the geniuses of ‘a partner relationship’ they often check passenger cards to see if the addresses given by parties, when travelling, match the addresses given in the visa application.

Often they don’t

Below is a Migration Review Tribunal decision where information provided on passenger cards proved important to the tribunal?  

And not only has the Department had access to information on passenger cards below is an extract from the Procedures Advice Manual listing uses to which the information can be put:

46 Migration law obligations Regulation 3.10 states that with a delegate’s written permission, passenger card information can be used for a number of purposes including:

  • law enforcement
  • national security
  • national intelligence
  • education
  • health
  • community services
  • social welfare
  • employment
  • labour
  • taxation
  • statistics
  • quarantine
  • customs and
  • excise.

Under s271, migration proceedings for the purpose of proving a person entered or left Australia on a vessel, a passenger card relating to a passenger on that vessel, furnished in accordance with the regulations, is admissible in evidence.

Under s271 (1)(h), production of a passenger card bearing the name of that person is taken as proof that that person entered or left Australia on that vessel, unless the contrary is proved.

Getting your application lodged in a valid manner is important but ‘the devil is always in the details’.

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Thank you and Mabuhay!

August 20, 2015