Processing Times For Partner Visa Applications To Australia ‘EXPLODES!’

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Processing Times For Partner Visa Applications To Australia ‘EXPLODES!’


Since the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) (which was a civilian federal government agency) amalgamated with Australian Customs (AC) and Australian Border Protection (ABP) to create the Department of Immigration and Border Protect (DIBP) in September of 2013, not only have the actual Visa Application Charge (VAC) ‘rocketed upwards’ at a breathtaking pace but so have the processing times.

If you take the latest Global Visa and Citizenship processing times Visa Application Processing timesLast updated: 18 September 2017 (for month ending 31 August 2017) you would be forgiven if you start pulling our your calculator and once you calculated your potential visa application pathway ‘started to hyperventilate at the mind boggling period it is probably going to take to process your particular partner visa application to Australia.

If you look at the information provided below and take a simple process of lodging a Prospective Marriage Class TO subclass 300 and assume the ‘worst case scenario’ leading to a permanent visa application following the next stages of the application process namely Partner Class UK subclass 820 for temporary residency and then applying for Residency Class BC subclass 100 it would then assume it would take 17 months(300), plus 22 months (820),plus 43 months(100) it would then add up to 82 months or 6.833 years to process.

Taking a more ‘positive case scenario’ using the same partner visa path way it would then take 13 months (300), plus 19 months (820), plus 17 months (100) which would add up to 49 month or 4.08 years to process before the Filipino applicant could secure their permanent residency.


Subclass                                               75%                                        90%

Visa                                                       Processed                           Processed


300 Prospective                                                13 Months                          17 Months



309 Partner                                         13 Months                          16 Months



100 Partner*                                      17 Months                          43 Months


820 Partner                                         19 Months                          22 Months


801 Partner*                                      16 Months                          22 Months


Getting your particular partner visa application pathway to Australia properly assessed and properly lodged has become so much more critical than ever before.

The once ‘civilian culture’ within the departments of immigration‘using policy to guide the s65 delegate of the minister to grant visas’ has dramatically change and ‘is now perceived to be a policing and militarised operation’ of the Australian Federal Government. Many theories have been discussed in forums ‘trying to explain the massive cost and time blow-outs’ and even if it was all clearly established, ‘it still leaves the Filipino partner visa application and their Australian sponsor out in the cold’.

When lodging a partner visa application the Filipino visa applicant and their Australian sponsors must realise that not only will they need to lodge a ‘valid and genuine partner visa application to Australian from the Philippines’ but it will need to be further ‘strengthen and enhance during these further extended processing times to prove’ a continuous relationship more so now that these visa application processing times are blowing out of proportion.’

RESPALL (Migration) Australia not only explains these fast changing partner visa developments but discusses ‘the entire partner visa application process that leads to their client’s eventual citizenship application in the future’ and ‘how to structure their initial partner visa application to Australia from the Philippines to meet the Citizenship Act of 2007’.

To avail of a FREE detailed and comprehensive partner visa strategic application discussion entre your relationship details and find out why there has never been a better time than now to seek RESPALL’S advice when lodging your particular partner visa application to Australia from the Philippines.


October 04, 2017