Qualified Filipinos To Lodge SkillSelect Visa For Australia

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Qualified Filipinos To Lodge SkillSelect Visa For Australia


FILIPINOS that maybe qualify to lodge a SkillSelect visa application… and don’t even know it.

I get many of these type of emails messages below that ask me to assist their family and friends who are already in the Australia either ‘studying or are on other temporary work visas’ from the Philippines.

Hi Jose,

How have you been doing? I’ve wanted to reach out to you about two (2) of my friends here in Sydney, Mark and Art.

From what I’ve gathered so far, Mark is currently doing his studies under a student visa while Art is on a working visa sponsored by his company from the Philippines.

Both of them are IT professionals and are at a stage where they are considering staying in Australia on a more permanent term.

Now I can only think of your team as the ones who are in a better position to help assist them.

I’m sure they could jump in on this conversation or maybe arrange individual meetings but I was hoping to connect them with you through this message.

I believe in you, your team and the service you provide and I’d appreciate if you could assist them.

Thanks and regards,

Karl Borje

What a lot of skilled Filipino professionals don’t realize is that they may already qualify to lodge a permanent SkillSelect Visa application but did not bother to have themselves assessed properly before they proceeded with applying for other ‘temporary or in a lot of cases very expensive and long student visa’ applications.

This is why I rolled out the SkillSelect MASTERCLASS Workshops throughout the metro areas around the Philippines in 2014, 2015 and will continue to do so in 2016.

These Australian Migration Workshops objectives are for Filipinos interested in migrating to Australia and will cover these essential parts of the general points test that are set out in Schedule 6D of the Regulations which is designed to recognise those points tested skilled Filipino migration visa applicants who have the skills and other attributes that will allow them to find skilled employment in Australia and settle quickly into the community.

So if you are interested to know if your qualification could be assessed favourably, Start your FREE assessment NOW


September 08, 2015