Rock Solid Tourist Visa Application for Australia from the Philippines

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Rock Solid Tourist Visa Application for Australia from the Philippines


First, always remember the Visitor or Tourist Visa section of Department of Immigration and Border Protection at the Australian Embassy in the Philippines is ‘always experiencing high levels of demand’ and you should ‘apply well in advance of your travel time’.

NOTE: -“you are advised to apply well in advance of your travel plans”

Although the Australian Embassy encourages all applicants to apply online there are issues which I will now draw your attention that should be seriously considered.

If you want to ensure that your tourist visa is ‘rock solid’ and information written on the application form and the evidence provided is correct and accurate then consider the following scenario in today’s blog.

Scenario 1: You are in love’ with your Filipino partner and have asked him/her to lodge their own Visitor or Tourist visa application. Your partner just lodged it or is about to lodge it and now you need to ask yourself these questions:-

  1. Did he or she include the children’s existence(if applicable to their situation) on the tourist visa application or did he or she just pretend to be single or was told not to place kids details on the tourist visa application as it would probably be refused if they did and did not answer in correctly?
  2. Did he or she put single instead of married in that section of the form, anyway they have been separated for over a year now with their ex-husband or ex-wife and surely he or she ‘feels that they are already single’?
  3. Did he or she have a prior conviction or a prior arrest warrant against them and it was such a long time ago that they just put NO, instead of YES?
  4. Did he or she asked for funds from you to place or ‘park it into their bank account’ to demonstrate that they had funds or ‘show money’ to the department of immigration and thought this was perfectly fine, as proof of capacity to travel to Australia?

If you have or are thinking of lodging a tourist visa application with the department of immigration to Australia from the Philippines and you are not quite sure what your partner or worse still, a third party e.g. travel agent had lodged on your behalf then be aware of what Public Interest Criterion 4020,also known as False or MISLEADING information or BOGUS documents, consequences have on this and or future visa applications for you and your Filipino applicant.

If you want to lodge a ‘rock solid’ tourist visa application for Australia and expect it to be approved by the department of immigration then you need to understand that you have to address the entire visa application requirements and convince the particular case officer that you will not only abide by all the visa conditions but also return back to the Philippines once your tourist visa has expired.

If you require more information or need assistance with your impending Visitor or Tourist visa application and you are in love with the Filipino applicant then get in contact with us as we are confident of lodging both a valid and genuine Visitor’s Visa application for Australia from the Philippines once we had the opportunity to assessing both of you properly. Mabuhay!

October 17, 2016