Scam Alert From The Australian Embassy!

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Scam Alert From The Australian Embassy!


The Embassy is aware of a hoax/scam suggesting that visa-free options for Filipino nationals will be available from January 2017. This is a scam and potential travellers to Australia must have a valid Australian visa. Australia maintains a universal visa regime. This means Filipino passport holders must have a visa, as a result of a visa application, regardless of the length of travel. If you intend to travel to Australia for any length of time, please see the Embassy website for information on how to apply for an Australian visa: Please share this information with friends and family.

Applying for a Visa to Australia

We encourage you to lodge your application online.  You must upload all relevant documents and pay the visa application charge by credit card, BPay or PayPal when you apply online.  



To attach document/s to your online application, see: You must upload your supporting documents immediately after you lodge because a decision will be made based on your uploaded supporting documents.  

Processing Times 

Tourist visa applications lodged online are currently being processed within
2 working days.    


After you apply 

You can check your ImmiAccount for the status and upload/submit documents: 

If your visa application for Australia is within processing times, The Department will not respond to you, as they are processing your visa.  If your query is about an application that may be outside processing times, your case has already been allocated to a case officer and is actively assessing your application.  

More questions?

Visit or or Contact Respall

Please note that you will not receive a further response except where indicated.

Thank you.

February 24, 2017