SkillSelect Updates for July, 1 2017

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SkillSelect Updates for July, 1 2017


What I have noticed is a lot of ‘mumbo jumbo’, fear and anxiety regarding July 1 changes to the SkillSelect visa application process to Australia by potential applicants from the Philippines. There has been an upshot of forum discussions about this and frankly they are all based on hearsay, speculation and misinterpretations.

Take for example the rumours that Accountants will be removed from the Occupation List on the 1st of July 2017. I have heard about this 10 years ago and yet there it is Accountants are still on the current Occupation List. What I’d like to do is explain what are the mechanisms within Schedule 6D that actually deals in ensuring only the very best Accountants are picked to migrate to Australia and this is not as difficult as you may imagine for Filipino accountants to achieve.

If you consider yourself a professional who graduated from a Philippine university and have at least 3 years work experience in certain occupations as listed in the current List of  eligible skilled occupations, potentially be favourably assessed by your designated assessing authorities, eligible to be sponsored by certain state or territory governments and pass an English examination at a certain level then I urge you to send your updated resume and attach your transcript of record and email it to and receive a NO OBLIGATION initial assessment based on the accurate information you provided.

Once you have received our initial on-line assessment, you can then decide to either attend our upcoming SkillSelect Assessment Seminar scheduled for the 15th of July at our Makati city office and listen to what these changes ‘really mean or amount to for professional Filipinos like yourself deciding to migrate permanently to Australia from the Philippines’ or you can have yourself more accurately assess ahead of this seminar during a scheduled One-On-One SkillSelect Assessment meeting again at our Makati City office’.

The fact of the matter is this.

We have over 18 years of experience in accurately assessing, lodging, managing and successfully securing VISA GRANTS for the General Skilled Migration (GSM) using the SKILLSELECT visa program that commenced in 1st of July of 2012, right here in Makati City, Philippines.

Having lodged hundreds of successful SkillSelect visa applications every year and we will explain during the  seminar and/or during the one-on-one meeting with you, how to UNPACK the actual SKILLSELECT Program, show you how we ‘propose to wrap your qualification(s), work experience and English competencies’ in writing, using Schedule 6D as the principle guiding tool around the two stages of the application process namely, Expression of Interest (EOI) and the actual Letter of INVITATION (LOI) process, in securing your particular VISA GRANT.

We get to the critical details regarding which occupations have been actually removed and which have stayed and why. We delve into the age changes i.e. application are now limited to 45 years of age instead of 50 years of age and if this even makes a great difference in your ability to score those critical 60 points.

More importantly we explain and update you on how the new financial year opens up more opportunities for those Filipino professionals in lodging State or Territory SkillSelect applications and which occupations are now being offered in which state or territory.

We use tried and proven systems and methodologies, updating and training our team members with departmental and policy changes that may affect the Filipino applicants chances of success, managing and supervising these activities using the Code of Conduct in providing a remarkable migration experience for the professional Filipino SkillSelect visa applicant.

We are so confident in ensuring a positive outcome for our pre-assessed Filipino SkillSelect visa applicants that we guarantee of our expertise. If you are looking at discussing every aspect of a SkillSelect visa application process and want to understand how we can secure your future SkillSelect visa grant then we have it all covered. We enter into a binding contract to deliver this guarantee to you, so your future career move is assured.

Get Assessed Now! (Assessment is Free)

Get the FACTS straight from a registered migration agent with over 18 years of local Philippine and Australian migration knowledge and experience and ‘cut through all the noise and clutter that is currently circulating’about what or who can or can’t qualify to migrate to Australia from the Philippines under the current SkillSelect changes that were implemented on the 1st of July, 2017.

Thank you and MABUHAY!

July 05, 2017