A Video Resume will help you stand out from the crowd when applying for a job in the Australia

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A Video Resume will help you stand out from the crowd when applying for a job in the Australia


The use of video resumes is a recent initiative which has become popular over the past 24 months.

They don’t replace the traditional written resume, they ‘enhance it’.

A written document outlines your skills, qualifications and experience.

A video resumeenables an employer to get a feel for your personality and your speaking skills.

There is a lot you can say about yourself in two minutes.

Is It Appropriate?

Before thinking about creating a video resume consider the industry you want to work in.

Of course jobs in creative, digital media, design, advertising, PR and social media are very wellsuited and a video resume is definitely right for these.

However, more and more traditionalindustries which don’t use a lot of this technology are starting to embrace this opportunity to seethe real you.

The use of video resumes is a recent initiative whichhas become popular over the past 20 months.

A video resume will help youstand out from the crowd.

They don’t replace the traditional written resumethey enhance it.

Body Language

Body language is very important. As the experts say body language says more aboutyou than your words.

– Don’t slouch or lean over. Stand up straight.

– Have a happy cheerful appearance.

– Maintain eye contact with the camera.


– Be creative…and stay professional.

– This could involve recording your video at a certain location or having a backgroundimage behind you.

– Be careful not to drift too far away from the way you behave in the work place. Youwant the employer to see the ‘real you’.

To help you understand how a video resume is created we offer the following tips.


– Dress professionally as if you are going to an in-person interview.


– Some video resumes have embedded photos, diagrams or charts. Only do this if they help you tell your story.


Can you use humour? Yes, if it is done properly. You want the video to portray the ‘real you’.

Your true personality. You might consider having a few quick bloopers at the end of your moreformal recording
which show that you have a good sense of humour and don’t take yourselftoo seriously.


The first 20 seconds is critical in keeping the employer’s interest in you. Create a curiosity thatmakes them want to meet you.

Think about the job you would like and the skills and benefits that the employer is looking for.

Be sure to answer those points.

– Start by introducing yourself and explaining why you created the video clip.

– Don’t read out your CV, the employer already has that information in your written resume.

– A video resume is about showing the employer who you are and why you are the right person.

– Your goals and ambitions for the future.

– What excites you about life?

– Real life examples of things you have done where you contributed to improvements, change, etc.

– You can refer to some information from your written resume but also talk about what type ofperson you are (e.g. energetic, team player, focused, goal oriented).

– Choice of words is more about what you are capable of doing – action centred words.

– Don’t make the mistake of using dramatic and impressive sounding words to create anappearance of being intellectual

– in the end they don’t say much about you. For example,“I work with…” is better than “I liaised with…” and “I used software…” is better than “I utilised software…”


– Use a conversational tone which is also professional.

– Do not become ‘familiar’ with the employer.

– Don’t speak too fast. Apart from being harder to understand for the employer it gives aperception of you being nervous.

– Rehearse your script several times before recording it so that you feel relaxed about whatyou are saying.


– Between 1 and 2 minutes duration is ideal.

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October 24, 2015