Visa grant accelerator masterclass for SkillSelect Applications

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Visa grant accelerator masterclass for SkillSelect Applications


A first of its kind.

We have developed a unique MASTERCLASS Workshop for those Filipino professionals seriously interested to migrate to Australia from the Philippines in 2015.

This November 14 we will be in CEBU CITY to explain how to get your application not only lodged in a valid way but explain how our Exclusive SkillSelect Visa Application Process will get your particular SkillSelect Visa application racing forward like a Ferrari.

Understanding the application process is one thing but understanding how the application can be applied for in the most efficient way is what will be covered in this limited one day only workshop in Cebu City.

See how we cover every aspect of the SkillSelect Visa Application Process and avoid any unnecessary additional work and expenses to ensure your particular visa application is seamlessly applied for and managed in the least amount of financial pain and stress for you.

So, if you are sick and tired about second guessing the application process and you have had a gutful of old and outdated information from other unreliable third party sources about how to successfully migrate to Australia permanently from the Philippines under the General Skilled Migration program known as SKILLSELECT then allow Jose Respallthe author of the book AVOID THE MIGRATION Minefield (Safely Migrate to Australia from the Philippines) to explain it all to you and have yourselves assess individually to ensure that your visa is granted ‘sooner rather than later’.

Available seats to attend this supercharged event are almost sold out so make sure you logo your interest now and make sure you secure you place and fasten your seatbelts for this no nonsense straight to the point MASTERCLASS workshop this Nov. 14 in Cebu City.

Thank you and Mabuhay!

October 05, 2015