What Are The Requirements For Spouse Visa In Australia?

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What Are The Requirements For Spouse Visa In Australia?


On the 24th of May 2017, I celebrated being a registered migration agent for 18 years. I have studied and learnt so much about applications to Australia specifically from the Philippines that I have decided to keep my blogs and statement brief and straight to the point so that you will quickly realise what you are up against when dealing with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), local Philippine Authorities and even other third country requirement, in order for YOU to secure your visa grant.

We created a RESOURCE PAGE on our website to try to show and explain difference aspects of ways to minimise YOUR RISKS in attempting to lodge your own valid and genuine visa application to Australia in particular Partner Visa Applications and their requirements specifically from the Philippines.

I know you are currently both in love and very anxious to get your relationship off to a great start but the problem is this, trying to convince a large Australian Federal Government Authority that your relationship is VALID, GENUINE and here is where most the problem lays, CONTINUOUS when their directive is to ‘legally find ways to discredit your claims and refuse your permanent visa application using guideline and arguments they derive from the Migration Act of 1958’.

Even if you lodged what you presumed to be a valid and genuine partner visa application to Australia from the Philippines then tried to assure yourself that you are capable of maintaining a continuous relationship,managing and providing the evidence gathering requirements over a 2 or even 3 year period to submit to the department and still stay focused on your own lives and careers in these hectic times then you would need to ask yourself if it would be better if you just left it to a Philippine based, Australian registered migration specialist that would manage it ‘so you could actually start to enjoy your developing relationship and lives in Australia’?

This is why we painstakingly developed a 5 Step Partner Visa Application Process that is fast, secure and lodged on-line.

This is why we carefully structured assessment booklets and recorded videos that ensure we ask all the important questions at the very beginning that will guarantee your particular partner visa application and your specific visa requirements for Australia is lodged and managed professionally and the required visas are secured along the stages leading to permanent residency in Australia.

This tried and proven system and methodology has worked extremely well for over 18 years and it also keeps ‘you in full control of your particular partner visa application’ leading to its eventual permanent visa grant and taking the Filipino partner visa applicant to a smooth and seamless transition in becoming an Australian Citizen in the future.

This is achieved by a quick phone call or on-line registration, a brief yet focused discussion through an easy assessment process of the Filipino partner visa applicant, a succeeding casual conversation and short assessment with the Australian sponsor, as well.

We quickly build a clearer profile of your current relationship and ‘any issue that we had picked up on’ and start to recommend a clear partner visa application pathway to get you both together again, sooner rather than later.

What we want to create is a Migration Sweet Spot’, where we all contribute and gather our knowledge, experience, information and evidence so that we can tackle what could potentially and quickly develop to be a problematic partner visa application so we can overcome the hurdles and barriers that are constantly being placed in front every partner visa application that is lodge with the department of immigration.

Together, supporting and funding a strong partner visa application, ensuring that compelling evidence is attached with accurate and complete information provided, we found after 18 years to lodging hundreds of partner visa applications is the only way of guaranteeing the success of any partner visa applications to Australia from the Philippines.



June 02, 2017