What Filipino IT Professionals Need To Know About Australian Job Market

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What Filipino IT Professionals Need To Know About Australian Job Market


Infrastructure and Support

Systems Engineers are needed in response to an increase in both business as usual tasks and new project work. There is a focus on virtualisation and Cloud based solutions.

Office 365 Implementation Engineers are sought. Office 365 upgrade projects are still underway, but there is a shortage of candidates with experience delivering this upgrade.

Security remains a focus as organisations protect their data and act to minimise the threat and effect of cyber-attacks. Given the increasing adoption of wireless and cloud-based solutions, the demand for Firewall experts, Cyber Security Specialists and Security Engineers is increasing. Within cyber security there is a strong demand for candidates with expertise in data protection, compliance and auditing with CISSP and CISM certifications viewed favourably.

Finally, Level 1 and 2 Helpdesk candidates with strong communication skills remain in high demand.

Projects and Business Change

Business Analysts remain in high demand. These candidates play a critical role in the success of projects and consequently demand outstrips other non-technical roles, such as project management. With digital transformation popular, organisations need candidates for enterprise-wide transformations for how they deliver services, both internally and externally. Agile experience is typically required. Organisations frequently seek Business Analysts with specific domain knowledge and experience, such as in a specific industry, technology or project type.

Business Intelligence is a huge area of demand as organisations seek to utilise in-house data.

NOTE: - Data Scientists are also needed for newly-created roles.

Service Designers are required in organisations that are focusing on service design with a human centred approach.

In the banking and financial services market candidates with wealth experience remain in demand thanks to regulatory and compliance-based initiatives.

Within this area of IT soft skills are critical, particularly strong stakeholder engagement and the ability to navigate complex problems.

Jobseeker trends

Candidates in the development space, especially those in the eastern states, often have multiple positions they are considering at once and are quite specific in the companies they want to work for. For example, many are interested in start-ups that are ahead of larger established corporations when it comes to the technologies used for product builds. They also offer additional benefits such as equity packages.

In fact, many software engineers want to work with cutting-edge technology, though most are constricted to support and maintain legacy systems during their office hours. In order to upskill and remain afloat with the latest trends, many developers undertake external courses and upload their personal projects for peer review via online forums. This is also a method to stand out to prospective employers and can often be counted upon as an alternative to commercial experience with specific technologies.

Candidates are also proactively gaining certifications around cloud technology.

They’re becoming more particular in the work and leaders within prospective employers.

Public sector

The first half of 2017 is expected to be busy in the public sector. With project and budget planning completed, this quarter will see a combination of hiring for project delivery as well as technical resources.

In addition, digital transformation is a hot topic across the public sector, with multiple organisations looking at enterprise-wide service delivery transformations, both internally and externally. This has led to increased demand for PM’s and BA’s with previous digital project experience, such as website revamps, payment gateways and the digitisation of records and intranet projects.

Given this, more employers want candidates with experience working in Agile environments, or at the very least with a theoretical understanding of the approach.

FTE headcount restrictions remain in place in many departments, particularly in the ACT. Consequently contract and non-ongoing roles are the preferred hiring method.

A continued focus on cost savings has also seen a trend towards engaging candidates on fixed-term contracts for the duration of a project. With salary bandings set, candidates need to be flexible in their salary expectations to secure these roles.

As technology becomes more complex, many specialist technical SME's are seeking IT professionals with excellent customer engagement skills and cultural fit.

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January 20, 2017