What the ‘Migration Sweet Spot’ offers Filipinos when they decide to migrate to Australia?

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What the ‘Migration Sweet Spot’ offers Filipinos when they decide to migrate to Australia?


I often talk about the Migration Sweet Spot when I discuss the‘systems and methodologies’ we use at RESPALL (Migration) Aust. in securing your particular visa application to Australia from the Philippines in the quickest and most cost effective way. P.S. Only for Filipinos.

So, where is the Migration Sweet Spot and how do we all get there and frankly speaking, STAY INSIDE THERE if it’s such a sweet spot?

Well, it’s a philosophy we work by when we engage our clients and soon enough the visa applicant and their Australian sponsors catch on and actually ‘get more involved in their own visa application’ as we empower them to understand why it’s in ‘everyone’s best interest’ to get the application lodged in a ‘valid and genuine’ manner and at all cost avoid the detrimental effects on the Filipino visa applicant regarding Public Interest Criteria 4020 i.e. providing ‘false and misleading’ information or bogus documents to the department of immigration and it goes something like this.

Let’s now look at the ‘pull factors’. Why would anyone even consider to migrate to a faraway country like Australia an island continent that floats somewhere between the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Let’s closely look at the destination itself and see the attraction. Let’s visualise these ‘pull factors’ and keep them inside a Circle No. 1. We will keep it brief and straight to the point as much as possible, so here we go:- 

  • Better Career Opportunities
  • Better Paying Employment
  • Better Superannuation Benefits
  • Better Work Conditions
  • Better Health Services
  • Better Public Education (Actually Australia was voted as having the BEST education system in the world but let keep it brief, LOL)
  • Better Mode of Transportation
  • Better Environmental Conditions
  • Better Housing Opportunities
  • Better Lifestyle
  • Better Telecommunications Infrastructure
  • Better Travel Opportunities
  • Better Law and Order
  • Better Anti-Discrimination Laws
  • Better Quality of Food Products
  • Better Health and Safety Laws at Work
  • Join other Family members already there
  • More Favourable Climate, Multicultural Society and a Good Growth Economy
  • Better Family Social Security Assistance
  • Better Income Tax Return System
  • Better Tax Deduction for Small Business Owners
  • Etc.

Now, notice I did not use the word ‘best’, well almost didn’t.

Australia ‘is not the best destination in the world’ by any means and in fact it’s only ranked 7th overall in the latest survey for the most desirable country to live and work in.

So, it seems that being only seven hours away and has only a 2 or 3 hour time zone difference, depending if it’s summer or winter in certain states that practice ‘daylight savings’ methods to squeeze as much ‘fun in the sun during our summer months’ could also be a ‘pull factor’?

Now you may add more ‘pull factors’ here and I would love to hear from you so send me your thoughts and I will add them on the list.

However, ‘pleasure and satisfaction’ is never going to be ‘the primary motivational factor for anyone to take such drastic actions as to leave the own country of birth’ like my family did in 1969.

No, no, no!

You need a ‘high level of PAIN’ before someone actually reacts and takes action.  In other words what are the ‘push factors’ involved?

That is the principal science in ‘decision making processes’.  There has been reams and reams of research about how PAIN motivates us toTAKE ACTION and not pleasure.

As an example, come 11:45 am, every day, we are thinking of putting our hands into our pockets looking for the cash and thinking about lunch as we are ‘feeling the PAIN’ of an empty stomach. We are not thinking about the satisfying feeling after we have eaten all we are concerned about is how to ‘avoid the PAIN’.

So, let’s now have a closer look at the ‘push factors’. I will not hold back here as I am trying to make a very potent point. This blog is about‘how best to protect yourselves from unscrupulous individuals and organisation that are preys on our Kababayan every day’. If you read this as a Filipino visa applicant and understand the lesson it is trying to imply and you avoid being victimised then it is the best blog I have ever written in my life. 

Let’s now look at the Filipino visa applicant in a variety of ways and see what is ‘causing all this pain in the lives for them to decide to leave the Philippines’.  Again, contain these images and feelings in a separate Circle No. 2 for the purpose of this exercise. (BTW Filipinos never leave for good …. the best news is they always came back, again and again and again… look at me as a classic example)

Here we go with the ‘pain side of the equation’:-

  • Time Poor
  • Limited Work Opportunities
  • Low Payment Structure
  • Limited Career Opportunities
  • Inadequate Health Conditions
  • Poor Public Education System
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle
  • Limited Travel Opportunities
  • Lack of Law and Order
  • Weak Anti-Discrimination Laws
  • Prevalent Corruption and rising according to many reports and surveys
  • Unhealthy Environment with air quality deteriorating quickly even in provincial centres.
  • Low Quality of Food Products
  • Unhealthy and Dangerous Work Conditions
  • Poor Roads and Transportation Systems (Let’s face it It’s a GRIDLOCK out there at the best of times.)
  • Political divisions and violence
  • Etc.

So there are but a small few ‘push or what I would term pain factors’ to easily motivate your typical PINOY to look for other opportunities and lifestyles abroad.

So, why write this blog. Where is this ‘Migration Sweet Spot’ that I am referring to in the headline above?  What does it take to get there and more importantly ‘stay in that stage of safety and confidence’?

Let’s first visualise and imagine a Circle No. 3in play here so ‘I can conclude and provide an accurate map to always find the Migration Sweet Spot for you’and it goes something like this.

When I reflect over the years and re-read the book I published last year AVOID THE MIGRATION MINEFIELD Safely Migrate to Australia from the PhilippinesI wished that I was already a migration agent back then and had met my mum and dad and showed them how to remedy and sort out legally their issues with their Australian visa application to Australia from the Philippines.

A bit like ‘BACK TO THE FUTURE’ sci-fi movie stuff because if I could I would be able to do provide the ‘solutions’ namely:-

  • Provide over 16 Years of General Skilled Migration Experience
  • Applied tried and proven Systems and Methodologies to the application process
  • Utilised the 12 Team Members in FULL Support or Your Visa Application
  • Handed over a Pre-Checklist explaining every STEP of the visa application process
  • Provided extensive IELTS Review Materials, Guidelines and Tips of securing your BAND SCORE
  • RESUME WRITING Resources and examples
  • VIDEO RESUME Experience and how to record and incorporate into your paper resume
  • Network with Visa Grant Groups already in Australia for accommodation and possible work leads or vacancies they know of.
  • Visa Grant Checklist (45 DaysChecklist) before leaving the Philippines
  • Visa Grant Checklist (4 72 hrs. Checklist) upon arriving in Australia
  • Provide Advice to recover PAG-IBIG Contributions
  • Provide Examples of an RPL for ACS Applications
  • Provide Examples of CDR’s for EAust Applications
  • Accurate Pointing System Assessment Prior to SkillSelect Visa Application
  • Etc.

So there you have it.

If you combine the three circles, i.e. the ‘push, pull and solutions’ together you will then find what we have been writing about and that is the MIGRATION SWEET SPOT and it looks exactly like the graph below. 

When we are all living in that Migration Sweet Spot during the application period we all ensure that we all follow the House Rules, support each other in the visa application process, ensure we are all communicating together to lodge a valid and genuine visa application to the department of immigration and respecting each other’s time and resources to lodge an efficient and effective visa application that will be granted sooner than later and avoid that dreaded penalty the department may place on the Filipino application if any false and misleading information or bogus documents are lodged. 

So, AVOID the Migration Minefield Safely Migrate to Australia from the Philippines and lets all live in the Migration Sweet Spot during your particular Australia Visa application process.

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November 21, 2015