Why Use A Registered Migration Agent Like RESPALL When Lodging Your Future Australian Visa Application From The Philippines?

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Why Use A Registered Migration Agent Like RESPALL When Lodging Your Future Australian Visa Application From The Philippines?


“Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, disruptive, fear, doubt and generally developing a ‘sweating hand syndrome’ from all the years of experience I have had when approaching the best possible strategies of lodging particular visa applications for our clients and having to deal with ‘cultural shifts’ within the department of immigration,” says Jose Respall of Respall Migration Australia.

“Those are just some of the thoughts I have rushing through my mind every time a new enquiry asks for help or is ‘just getting a feel for the application process’”, says Jose.

“If someone like myself, with over 17 years of successfully assessing, lodging and managing hundreds of visa applications from the Philippines to Australia every year, is having then I will argue, what chances do the general public have in confidently organising, submitting and dealing with their own visa application and still have the time and energy to focus on their jobs and family lives and be certain that their application was lodged in a valid and genuine manner and for partner visa applications‘supply evidence that their relationship is continuous’ to the department over a possible 24 month processing period?”, insists Jose.

“I am the first to admit that changes within the department is happening so quickly that if, by just blinking, you may have already missed out knowing of an amendment or legislative change that may have a devastating impact on your particular visa application, which just occurred and was posted in my latest blog, i.e. changes to ‘Member of the family unit—direct family, definition, could ‘create an unacceptable and irreparable visa refusal world’ for you”, he continues to impart emphatically.

The cost of lodging a partner visa application to Australia from the Philippines has ‘sky rocketed’.

The Australian Productivity Commission stated that the non-refundable application fee in Australia is $6,865.00, which is more than ‘double that of a similar visa in the UK’ and ‘four times the price of a US partnership visa’. Getting it wrong in the first place will have a devastating and immediate effect on your financial capacity to continue, even a merits review application option with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) which costs a further $1,670.00.

Constant ‘threats of occupations being flagged down for removal’ on the Skills Occupations List (SOL) is further ‘creating tension and anxieties in the SkillSelect visa application program’.

Filipino professionals ‘continue to struggle to pass and acquire their required English Examination results’ to secure their required Points to provide the assessing authorities and migrate permanently to Australia from the Philippines. Their ‘lack of discipline, understanding and preparation to review appropriately for the English Test is a large contributory factor’which only financial benefits the two IELTS examination organisations in the Philippines.

For Filipinos lodging even what they assume to be an easy visa applications, i.e. Visitors or Tourist Visas,are being met with‘stricter application regimes of compliance requirements’ by the department of immigration at the Manila Post. Using a ‘multitude of policy reasoning and regulations’ the department’s refusal ratio far exceeds that of their visa grants creating ‘a culture of frustration and irritation’ on the part of the Filipino applicant that has just been refused a tourist visa for Australia from the Philippines.

“This is why I developed the concept called the Migration Sweet Spot in using tried and proven systems and methodologies that provide compelling covering letters supported by a regime of evidence based valid and genuine visa applications to Australia from the Philippines. It’s an area where we all ‘AVOID THE MIGRATION MINEFIELD’ and lodge SkillSelect, Partner, Visitors, Child and Parent visa application and achieve the highest ratio of visa grants”, Jose continues to outline.

“Applying a visa for Australia for Filipinos has almost become like playing RUSSIAN ROULETTE. You submit your visa application and pay your hefty Visa Application Charge (VAC), but because ‘you lack the legislative and policy knowledge of how the department of immigration decides on these matters’, you really don’t know where the ball will eventually land”, reflects Jose.

“Will it be GRANTED? Will it be REFUSED? Or ‘will the application continue to cause you more sleepless nights’, i.e. the department will request more information and string you out even further as what had recently happened with regards securing a Police Clearance from China for a client that was just to traumatised to return there and organise one personally”, explains Jose.

“Proven legal remedies andsolutions, clear and compelling explanations fortified with extensive documentary evidence are what are required in even the ‘most straight forward visa applications’these days to ensure we secure our clients the best possible visa outcomes and conditions placed on their visa grant letters from the department of immigration”, concludes Jose.

December 11, 2016