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September 14, 2016


"“It was on February 2015 when I was enticed by my friend from Sydney to submit my credentials to RESPALL for professional assessment. Then came a letter of reply from them telling me to pursue our Australian family migration. A month after, we had visited their Makati office thru Ms. Melanie. She had been very accommodating along with their staff as they explained to us with my wife the process flow. There is a phase-by-phase payment scheme they had offered for each stage and from there we decided signing their service contract a month after.” “This is where I began grabbing the opportunity to attend their IELTS weekend tutorial sessions conducted in their office. It was indeed a sacrifice on the family as I had to overcome my fear of taking the English exams but the resource materials of RESPALL gained my increased score, thus resulting me taking the exam with confidence. With the support of my wife and their staff, I had received the satisfactory mark that landed me on the next stage the Engineers Australia professional career assessment. It was late March 2016 when I started drafting my career episodes. With the help of RESPALL, I was able to successfully complete them with the guidance of Ms. Melanie. Moving forward, I had been advised to apply for our EOI thru Skill Select system last December 2015. I was still short of visa points required of me to be given by DIBP to apply for a visa. RESPALL had given me the edge by giving me a chance to take PTE as my choice. RESPALL had helped me booked my exam on February 2016. It was not easy but hard work paid off after I hit the mark more than what I had expected. From there, I was invited on April 2016 under NSW state sponsorship program. To my surprise, a week after, I had also been invited to apply for visa under Visa Subclass 189 in which we decided to pursue. It was a life changing experience indeed. Series of medical test & police clearance comes next. And lodging visa payment on May 2016 was an answered prayer from above and finally case officer contacts were the most exciting part of the visa final waiting process. Until we had been informed overseas by RESPALL thru Ms. Melanie while we were in a family trip at Hongkong that we had been issued visa grants just recently last August 2016!” “We would highly recommend RESPALL as your choice in choosing a reputable migration agent services. One, their service is excellent and their staff were very attentive to your needs as they were accessible anytime of the day and yes, even on weekends. Second, as most Filipinos were not guided formally how to migrate and work in Australia processes, one can be assured of avoiding the trap of fraud migration agents. And finally, would you risk having your Australian migration into the wrong hands? So the best time to migrate to Australia is NOW!”


Jedh Quenano
Mechanical Engineer
Date granted: August 04, 2016

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The support and professionalism is nothing less…

"If there is anyone looking to migrate to Australia from The Philippines, I can not recommend highly enough the efforts of Jose Respall and his team at Respall Migration Australia. The support and professionalism is nothing less…

Jeffrey Lecaros MONTELLANO
Date granted: January 18, 2016

September 14, 2016
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Thank you and God speed to you…

"Allow me to extend my heartfelt gratitude to your company particularly your team here in MNL led by Ms. Lorie Lancero. They guided us every step of the way in realizing our plans-rephrase that--dreams of migrating to Australia. They…

Katherine May MANGABAT
Industrial Engineer
Date granted: September 28, 2013

September 14, 2016
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God may always bless you all Respall…

"We would like to thank Respall Migration Team specially to Ms Triny Anque (she’s my angel :-) ) Every time I’m losing hope she was there to talk and never let me down, specially when I had a couple…

Date granted: April 06, 2016

September 14, 2016
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Very much recommended for those who are…

To APS Team, especially to Ms. Jayvee Lancero and Mr Jose Respall, thanking you all for your fast, friendly, accommodating and personal service, in which only four short months of wait my DeFacto Subclass 309…

Novelyn Obra Moskito
Date granted: September 01, 2014

September 14, 2016