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February 21, 2017


If there is one word that can describe how I feel about RESPALL (Migration) Aust., it would be grateful. After my wife and I got married, we thought of moving to another country to have a fresh start and build a better home for our future family. We talked to friends from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. All of our friends then gave us their Migration Agents. We then called different agents, and randomly when we called RMA, Nonel, one of their Documentation Specialists answered the phone. First thing she asked us to do was to send her our resumes. After sending our resumes to her, she then set a meeting for us. She discussed different things we can do. The thing that attracted us to her the most is she never sugarcoated anything. She did not do any hard sell. She was very straight forward and realistic. It took us a few months to decide. While we have not confirmed from them yet, they never bothered us, they just waited patiently for our decision. My wife and I then finally decided that Australia would be a wonderful place and Mr. Respall, with the help of Nonel was the best person to get us there. I then called Nonel to tell her about our decision. She set another meeting with us, and in this meeting, she told us what we need to submit and the payment scheme. We felt that their price was reasonable, and the time table was just right. Based on Nonel’s timeline and computation, we saw that we could work on the payment dates and methods that she needed. As we started the journey, she was very professional. She answered all my calls, emails, and text messages as fast as she could. She never lied to us, she would always emphasize that there are no guarantees but if we do this right, our chance of success would be high. Her professionalism was truly amazing. The entire time, she had her eye on the goal; she was able to set all the emotional stuff aside. Now that we have reached the finish line, my wife and I were right from the beginning. Indeed, RESPALL (Migration) Aust. can guide us through this journey. We are grateful and thankful that we decided to choose them. They handled our case the best they could. They kept us informed every step of the way. I will recommend RESPALL whole heartedly. We are so lucky to have gotten Mr. Respall as our Migration Agent. We wish them all the best, we will forever be thankful.


Felix Stephen Cabugao
Computer Network and Systems Engineer
Date granted: February 15, 2017

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I Was Very Lucky That I Found…

There is no other way to rate these guys, but definitely an excellent five star rating! I and my husband know that looking for and choosing the right and legitimate migration agent for Australia in the Philippines, is risky…

Sherry Aguilar
Date granted: January 06, 2017

February 11, 2017
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I Woke Up To Find A Message…

My first attempt for Australia migration was 5 years ago via subclass 189 visa. Back then points system was more lenient and I had more points to gain (e.g. age). I tried to do it myself, depending on my…

Ernie Moral II
Industrial Engineer
Date granted: September 27, 2016

February 09, 2017

I feel that they wanted my application…

"It was around October 2015 when I decided to pursue an Australian residence visa because I felt I needed change. I love the Philippines, but I felt I wanted to live in a more pleasant and organized environment. Australia was…

Ryan Len Liwanag
Developer Programmer
Date granted: January 31, 2017

February 02, 2017
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Getting Respall Was Absolutely The Right Decision…

I chose Respall APS because it gave me the impression of being the most professional, the most organized, and the most experienced among the migration agents that catered to Filipinos who want to migrate to Australia. My expectations…

Systems Analyst
Date granted: January 12, 2017

January 30, 2017