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November 21, 2016


Australia was my next choice after failing an application to a certain country. However, during that time I was already hesitant to employ the services of a migration agent for Australia. I was thinking to do it on my own, but in my case, the demands from my work did not really allow me to process my migration application by myself. Thus, I wanted an agency that would be efficient in terms of time and the value for money that I would be paying for their services. I knew then that I need to engage a migration agent that are really expert and has sufficient knowledge about the migration requirements and ways for Australia because I was already afraid to commit mistake again. I would have a heart attack I guess, if again another big amount of money would be wasted. My colleague who was also applying for an immigrant to Australia convinced me to try Respall Migration Australia (RMA). I searched over the net for reviews and comments from forums regarding RMA’s reputation, and I could say I was impressed with what I found. So, I contacted the migration agent of RMA that my colleague recommended for me for queries and clarifications. I threw so many clarifications questions to the agent. I intentionally asked those questions to test if the agent could concretely and clearly answer my questions. After receiving all of her answers, I searched over the Department of Immigration website of Australia to verify accuracy of her explanations. And I would say, was really impressed. So, I just found myself engaging the services of RMA, and the rest was history. After receiving the favorable result of my Skills Assessment from Engineers Australia in August 19, 2016, my expression of interest was submitted in August 21, 2016 and then by September 14, 2016, I received the invitation to apply (ITA), then in September 19, 2016 my visa application was lodged. Undergone the medical exam in September 26, 2016 and then finally received the visa grant notice in October 5, 2016. I was not expecting that it would be that fast. It was really amazing. Others would say, engaging the service of a migration agent is costly, and yes it is, but with RESPALL it would be worth it. RMA is honest, fast and reliable. RMA would make follow-up with the requirements you need to submit when they observed that you are lagging in the track. Plus, they are always thinking ahead of time and fast acting. You are assured of the direction you are heading to with your application. Since we are from Visayas, we only communicated through phone and emails but that scheme did not hinder RMA to give the utmost care, guidance and assistance to us, their client. My wife and I would be visiting their office in Makati to personally thank them and meet our Senior Documentation Specialist, Ms. Melanie and all the RMA Team before we will depart for Australia. Mabuhay ka RMA!


Lordman Monforte
Electrical Engineer
Date granted: October 05, 2016

I Already Have 100% Trust!

Upon the recommendation of my colleague, who had received their visa grant through Respall, I already have 100% trust and confidence that they too can make my dream come true. In fact, I have resigned from my job a week…

Mechanical Engineer
Date granted: October 20, 2016

November 12, 2016

Finally, the long wait is over!

Finally, the long wait is over! In just three (3) months since I submitted my Competency Demonstration Report (CDR), we’ve got our permanent residence visa! Thank God for this wonderful blessing. Thank you so much to the whole RMA…

Reynaldo Jr. MANZANO
Mechanical Engineer
Date granted: October 25, 2016

November 04, 2016

New life in Australia!

"To live outside my homeland was never my dream until I came across my midlife planning. Through a friend’s advice, I got to know Respall Migration Australia. One big question in mind was “Can I lodge my Subclass 189…

Reymon Samia
Production Engineer
Date granted: September 14, 2016

October 08, 2016

It was a good choice

"After coming home from the onshore deployment to Sydney, I decided to try my luck in applying for a permanent VISA for Australia. I consulted friends and colleagues on how to go about the whole application, but still I…

Developer Programmer
Date granted: September 30, 2016

October 04, 2016