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De Facto Visa Pathway to Australia


A De Facto visa application is possible to lodge with the Department of Home Affairs if the Filipino visa applicant and Australian sponsor 'have developed a recognized de facto relationship and can lodge a valid, genuine and continuous visa application'. They may lodge either a partner (Provisional) Class UF (Subclass 309) in the Philippines or a partner (Temporary) Class UK (Subclass 820) visa application in Australia.


As of the 1st of July the Visa Application Charge (VAC) for all partner visa applications whether lodged in the Philippines or in Australia is the same. The VAC for a partner (Provisional) Class UF (Subclass 309) in the Philippines or a partner (Temporary) Class UK (Subclass 820) visa application in Australia. Will be AUD $ 7,000.00.

There are other costs involved that you need to be mindful of, apart from the VAC and they may include, Police Clearance check(s) for the Filipino visa applicant and their Australian sponsor, identification and civil status searches for the Filipino visa applicant e.g., Birth Certificate, CENOMAR, Death Certificates, notarial and stamp duties costs to certify original documents, courier and postage costs, translation costs, medical examination costs, professional fees, and the like.

When, how and why they are paid is explained during a casual and in formal meeting to ensure all costs and fees applicable to your particular application is identified, verified and applied to your understanding of the de facto visa application from the Philippines to Australia.


Many Filipino applicants and their Australian sponsors choose to apply for a de facto visa applications for its ease, convenience and at times lower costs. Although there are similarities there are distinct differences and some complexities that are best dealt with separately. Spouse visa applications and Fiance visa applications are treated individually.


Generally, the Filipino de facto visa applicant and their Australian sponsor must meet a 'one year de facto relationship requirement' before lodging their UF 309 or UK 820 unless they can present an exemptions from the one year relationship requirement.

These exemptions could be determined by the following examples such as but necessarily not limited to

  1. There are compelling and compassionate circumstances for the grant of the visa
    • There is a child of the relationship
    • They were prevented from co-habiting 12 months prior to the visa application
  2. The relationship is registered under a law of a state or territory prescribed in the Acts Interpretation (Registered Relationships) Regulations 2008 as a kind of relationship prescribed in those regulations i.e.
    • The Filipino visa applicant and their Australian sponsors were not married and were free to and permitted to enter into a Registered Relationship in those states or territories


The Filipino visa applicant and their Australian sponsor must establish that they have been in a de facto relationship for at least 12 months before the de facto visa application is made. The Department of Home Affairs will need to be satisfied that, the Filipino visa applicant is in a de facto relationship with the Australian sponsor person if they

  • are not married to each other
  • have a mutual commitment to a shared life to the exclusion of all others
  • are in a genuine and continuing relationship
  • live together or do not live separately and apart on a permanent basis
  • are not related by family or through marriage


Of course. However, doing it on your own will assume and entail that you understand every aspect of the application process and dealing with any further information the department may have regarding your particular visa application.

Furthermore, lodging a valid and genuine de facto visa application is hard enough, having to manage and present evidence and information regarding your 'continuous' relationship requires a whole new set of understanding, management tools and a mindset and discipline in gathering appropriate evidence and information to then present to the Department of Home Affairs.

The most problematic aspect of doing your own application are those sleepless nights wondering if the application was lodged in a valid and genuine manner and what if the department decides to refuse the de facto visa application, what are your other alternatives or options with regard for a merit review. What are the additional costs involve and who would you appoint to pursue that application as the initial application was already refused.


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