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Planning to visit Australia from the Philippines? There are important things you should know such as what visas to apply, requirements for the visa application, your obligations while in Australia and information about complying with the conditions of your tourist visa.

You need to know what you can and cannot bring, knowing the duty-free concession limits and what to experience when travelling through Australian airports and seaports.

You might come to Australia for reasons such as holidays, sightseeing, social or recreational reasons, visit relatives, friends, or a loved one. You might just be passing through on your way to somewhere else. Whether you are visiting for less than 72 hours or planning on a longer stay you must have a valid Australian visa along the way.

There are various types of visas available for visiting Australia. The type of visa that you may be able to get depends on a number of factors such as, the length of your stay, your passport, your current location and the purpose of your visit. But generally speaking the most common is Visitor's (Tourist) Visa Class FA Subclass 600.

RESPALL makes the travelling pathway easy and affordable by eliminating all the complication, confusion and frustration by using their effective 5-Step Visitor or Tourist Visa Application Process.

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