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Tourist Visa Pathway to Australia

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If you want to know how to organize, apply and manage the correct Tourist Visa pathway for getting to know your Australian de facto, spouse or fiancé better and eventually lodging a future partner visa application, then you are in the right place.

I want you to understand that we specialize in lodging partner visa applications only from the Philippines and only to Australia using this procedure and therefore, the information will be intentionally skewed towards those types of valid and genuine Tourist Visa, De Facto Visa and Spouse visa applications.


The systems and methodologies applied to your specific Visitors or Tourist visa, leading to a future partner visa application in Australia from the Philippines has been adjusted over 19 years and have included the non-imposition of the Condition 8503 (No Further Stay) and Condition 8531 (Must Leave Before Visa Expire) so that the Filipino or Filipina visa applicant can apply further for another visa application whilst in Australia.

Understand your Tourist Visa Pathway


We concentrate on One (1) Tourist visa pathway a Filipino or Filipina applicant may pursue so that they may continue to be with their loved one and possibly lodge a partner visa application upon entering Australia.

We provide a detailed and thorough visa application approach that incorporates the actual relationship narrative, current relationship standing and how to secure a positive outcome with the least cost when lodging a valid Tourist visa application to Australia from the Philippines.

These Tourist visa applications may take up to 30 days to approve and any future partner visa applications in Australia may take a further 2 or 3 years to secure permanently. It is vital all parties involved are aware of the logistics involved and support each other in what may be a long visa application voyage.

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